Couponing Confessions (plus 91% Savings)

I have a confession to make. Yesterday was 8/16, and also the expiration date on the Safeway $5/15 Frozen Food coupon. This is the coupon that made my 100% savings shopping trip possible, and I actually had enough ice cream coupons to do it again. So after resisting for a solid 6 days, I said screw it and went to Safeway to pick up 10 more ice cream bars for free.

Unfortunately, or luckily, depending on how you look at it, the Magnum Ice Cream bars were no longer on sale. I probably could have swung a good deal still by purchasing fewer and getting some other sale items, but honestly, I only wanted them if they were free. Is that so wrong?

I did pick up a few other things though, and managed to walk out for $1.48 or 91% savings. I got:

2 Boxes Hefty One Zip Bags (On sale $2.99 and buy one, get on free – $1/2 coupon – Safeway doubler = $.74 each)

2 Bottles of V8 V Fusion (Been sick so drinking lots of this stuff. $3.99, On sale buy one get one – $1/2 coupon – Safeway doubler = $1 each)

1 Fresh Express Caesar Salad kit (On sale $2.50 – $2 coupon from some Safeway pamphlet = $.50)

Then I used the $3 catalina I got buying Gain, bringing my total down to under 2 bucks.

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