Cheap, Healthy and on the way Home!

Originally this blog was called “Couponing is making me fat” because I definitely am more likely to buy things such as chips and cookies when they are free/cheap and then eat them all! But it is possible to get good deals on so-called healthy food too, which is what I did on my way home from the office.

Admitedly, this took two stops, but neither is out of the way, so therefore, not totally insane, right? A little insane, but not TOTALLY.

At Fred Meyer:

2 packages of Tillamook Sliced Cheese (On sale $3, 3/$7 with “extra savings” coupon – $1 MFG coupon = $1.34 each)

At Safeway:

2 bottles V8 V fusion (Buy one, get one free – $1 MFG coupon – $.50 Safeway double = $2.49 for both)

Now this would have seemed even healthier if I included the Fresh Express Salad I bought, but the cashier didn’t think either the $2 or $.75 off coupon I had applied, so I’m not including it. Note to self: do not get in Christine’s line ever again.

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