Walgreens 8/7/2011

One of the many things I’ve learned is that if you want the “money maker” items, you can’t slack. And this week Keri lotion (regularly $8.29) at Walgreens was one of those coveted items so I got my ass over there Sunday morning. Allow me to explain:

The lotion was on sale for $5.99, and I had a few $2 off any Keri coupons from the past week’s newspapers. For buying one you received a $5 register reward, which earns you $1.01 for each one you purchase. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) you can’t just clear the shelves and get a bunch of free money, but actually the reward is limited to one per transaction and you can’t use the reward on your purchase and get another one. Let’s just say it’s complicated.

But I’ve been wanting to get some make up (I’m all grown up!) and I figured this would be a good use of the money, (plus I had coupons!) so here’s what I did:

Transaction 1:

Keri Lotion (8.29, on sale 5.99 – $2 coupon +$5 back = $1.01 Moneymaker)

Campbells Tomato Soup (Reg .99, on sale .69, filler item to allow use of another $2 Register reward I already had)

Paid: $2.69, saved $6.60, got back $5.

Transaction 2:

Loreal Mascara ($8.99-$2 coupon)

Loreal Concealer ($9.49- $2 coupon)

Rimmel eye shadow ($4.99- $2 coupon – $2.50 (buy one get one 50%))

Rimmel Eye Liner ($6.49- $2 coupon)

Mini Memo book (On sale $.20 and purchased so I could cash in the $5 reward)

Paid $14.66, saved $16.29

Transaction 3:

Another Keri Lotion (8.29, on sale 5.99 – $2 coupon +$5 back = $1.01 Moneymaker)

Purex Laundry Detergent 50oz (Regular $5.99, on sale $1.99- $.50 coupon = Paid $1.49)

2 Ban Deodorants (Regular $3.99, on sale $1.49 – $1 coupon = paid $.49 each)

Paid $6.46, Saved $15.80, got back $5

I’m still working on mastering Walgreens and in hindsight, I should have done transaction three second and put both $5 RRs towards the make up, but oh well. Now who wants to come over and show me how to use this damn make up?

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