Fun with Baked Goods

Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week for one simple reason: it’s donut day! Working above a bakery I have to really limit my intake of wonderful confections, but on donut day I let myself indulge. There’s nothing like a sweet, gooey donut to really make the day go better.

So this morning I was telling my favorite vegan Aaron about how much I love donut day and he said, “wait until you see the special donut we made!” Almost instinctively I replied, “Is it shaped like a cock and balls?” Obviously it was.


Of course the Sweet Pea staff went above and beyond, making it actually function. Yay, wednesday!

  1. rcotton

    you’re killing me. again. right now im glad im too jewish to spend $600 on a flight out there for a long weekend so i can come eat cock/donuts, go to happy hour, watch tv, garden, go to bed early and find other human beings inspiring and attractive in portland with you.

  2. hahahaha. i rule!!!

  3. i gotta learn not to leave fingerprints on the glazed shafts.

  4. J-Rad

    Wait, I don’t get it.

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