Snowboarding Sells!!

It’s no secret that snowboarding has hit the mainstream (6-plus years ago)! But while the snowboard industry is busy figuring out how to use the hype to sell more snowboards, the rest of the world is deftly using snowboarding to sell just about anything. For example:

Telephone Service

Technically, AT&T produced this commercial to show their (monetary) support for the Olympic games and their rider Gretchen Bleiler, but let’s be honest, they were banking on it “going viral.” That’s this new marketing strategy where you make a video and then tell people it’s viral, and then everyone watches it, and you make millions, right? They certainly had the formula right: hot chick, hip sport, and space! It’s brilliant, but what would have been more brilliant is if they really figured out how to make zero gravity for the women’s pipe contest. Here’s to the possibilities.

Credit Cards

This Lindsey Jacobellis Visa commercial was another Olympic-support spot, and it makes sense they would take advantage. After all, they pay Lindsey fat stacks, but the Games is the only time boardercross can sell anything. Good things credit cards really sell themselves: free money!



The five dollar foot long campaign may be one of the most brilliant marketing campaigns ever to hit the sandwich industry, which is why at this point they’re basically phoning it in on the commercials. The meeting about what to include in the latest Subway spot probably went something like this: Ad dude 1: “Man, that red headed snowboard kid is good, but I can’t believe they listen to their headphones during the Olympics!” Ad dude 2: “Yeah, it’s not the Olympics we grew up with, but I did notice how those snowboards they ride look like sandwiches!” Ad dude 1: “It’s perfect.” One green screen and random (but flexible, so he can really tweak that suitcase method) dude later: I’m feeling like a five dollar foot long myself.


The subtle brilliance of a snowboarding duck to hock insurance is so subtle it actually doesn’t make any sense. At least with this one they are selling a product that snowboarding may make you need more. And it’s at least more entertaining than the cheesy Steve Fisher Powerbar ad I thankfully haven’t seen since the Dew Tour ended.


It’s official, snowboarding is a tourist attraction. Why else would California include it in their tourism advertisements. In California’s “Find Yourself Here” spots, snowboarding makes not one, but two appearances (and one right before P-rod no less.) Ironically, the British Columbia “You Gotta Be here” ad shows the rich winter sporting possibilities with skiers, but I forgive them, ’cause they’re Canadian. However when it comes to choosing my vacation spot, I am basing it solely on these ads so, California, here I come!

Honorable mention:

Ok, they aren’t snowboarding in this gem of a commercial from Sprint, but the fact that three of them are chillin’ on a chairlift, on their cell phones really points out the absurdity of that Frozen movie in the current age. It’s also proof that while snowboarding may be the flavor of the month, furry hats and tight leggings on ski bunnies will never go out of style!

  1. Who knew that the Aflac duck was such a shredder? I think we may have a new gold medal contender on our hands

  2. lumberjack

    ^ corny

  3. r cotton

    im very disappointed that you forgot to include the military recruiting ones in this list. freedom fighting is the ultimate adrenaline rush!!!

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