Couponing Confessions (plus 91% Savings)

Posted by Brooke on August 18, 2011 in Shopping trips

I have a confession to make. Yesterday was 8/16, and also the expiration date on the Safeway $5/15 Frozen Food coupon. This is the coupon that made my 100% savings shopping trip possible, and I actually had enough ice cream coupons to do it again. So after resisting for a solid 6 days, I said […]

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$33.50 at Safeway for $10.66

Posted by Brooke on July 28, 2011 in Shopping trips

Once again, I blew it by letting Jared come shopping with me. Not only did he complain, but he also felt the need to buy four cans of vegetables that we not only didn’t have a coupon for, but were not on sale. It totally screwed up my percentage. With $8 in Catalinas, plus a […]

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Stocked Up – Target and Safeway 7-23-11

Posted by Brooke on July 24, 2011 in Shopping trips

It took three trips to different Targets, but I finally found the kitty litter deal I was after this week. Of course, they were out of all the other freebees I had coupons for (Bic pens and Bengay) but whatever. My cats will now poop in pleasure as I picked up 80lbs of Arm and […]

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Coupon Lessons for Ben

Posted by Brooke on July 23, 2011 in Lessons, Shopping trips

With no job or aspirations, Ben Graham took an extra interest in my new couponing hobby. Well, first he talked a bunch of shit, and then he asked me to take him with me. Since Ben is helpless like a small child, I agreed and asked him what he wanted to buy. “I don’t know, […]

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