Saucy Deal at Safeway!

Posted by Brooke on July 30, 2011 in Scores!, Shopping trips

Not too long ago I bought a bunch of Classico at Target because it was on sale for $1.88 and I had a bunch of $1/2 coupons. Imagine my embarrassment when this week’s Safeway ad came out and with in ad coupon, jars were a mere $1.49 each! You might think I’d be out of coupons and/or stocked up on Classico, but it’s possible I bought 15 of them on eBay and we really do go through a lot of the stuff so… I was driving by and I couldn’t help myself. The in-ad coupon limited 6 though, which means I had one more slot on my doubler, which I decided to put towards chocolate. I spent a total of $4.92 for $23.71 worth of groceries (79% savings) and got:

6 Jars of various Classico Pasta Sauce (Regular price $3.59, On sale $2.49- $1 off in ad coupon – $1/2 mfg coupon – .50 safeway doubler = $.74 each)

4 3 Musketeers bars (Regular .99 each, buy 2 get 2 free – 2 $.50/2 Coupons – .50 Safeway doubler = $.12 each)

I really like pasta sauce, ok? Oh and as an extra bonus, I got $1 off my next shopping trip from the makers of Classico. Score.

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Target Totally Free!

Posted by Brooke on July 30, 2011 in Scores!, Shopping trips

Today a hot $1 off Reach Dental Floss coupon hit the ‘net and I’ve been meaning to start flossing more (ok, ever.) The coupon blogs told me single packs of Reach floss were regularly priced at $.89 at Target and between that and my $5 gift card from kitty litter, it was the excuse I needed to head over to Mall 205 and do some shopping.

Overall the deals at Target this week were not exciting, but I did manage to get in and out without spending any real money, while also picking up a few things we actually needed, and still have a $.13 cent balance on my card.

I got:

1 roll of Reach Floss (Regular price $.89- $1 coupon = $-.11 — and she gave me the overage)

2 packages Ziploc Sandwich bags (On sale $2.50 – $1/2 MFG coupon – $1/2 Target coupon = $1.50 each)

1 Bottle soy sauce (Regular price $1.79 – $1 coupon = $.79 — I price checked, these are well over $2 at Safeway)

12 Large eggs (On sale $1.19)

The register read $4.87 when all was said and done, but since I paid with a gift card, my price was actually free! In your face Timbro!

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$33.50 at Safeway for $10.66

Posted by Brooke on July 28, 2011 in Shopping trips

Once again, I blew it by letting Jared come shopping with me. Not only did he complain, but he also felt the need to buy four cans of vegetables that we not only didn’t have a coupon for, but were not on sale. It totally screwed up my percentage. With $8 in Catalinas, plus a few other high value coupons, I could have gotten out of the door for half as much if I didn’t bring him. Then again, he did pay for all of it, so I guess I can’t really complain.

For $10.66 cents, or 68% savings I got:

2 boxes of Barilla Pasta (Regular price $.150, on sale $1 – .55/1 coupon – 50 cent Doubler= FREE)

Silk Chocolate Soy Milk (Regular $2.99, on sale $2.49 – $1/1 coupon – 50 cent doubler= $.99

2lbs Ground Beef (Regular $4.99, on sale $3.70- 50% off clearance coupon $1.85- $2 cat = $-.15)

Hamburger buns (on sale $2.00)

$12.96 worth of produce (including 1 avocado, 1 hot house tomato, 2 ears of corn, 5lbs of potatoes, a bag of onions and a package of Smart Dogs (on sale for $3.99), 1 package of tofu (on sale $2- $1 coupon) and used a $3 off $10 purchase catalina to get it all for $9.96.

Not on sale were four cans of vegetables ($1.24 each)

I used my $6 catalina I got from buying tampons and not only impressed the girl behind me in line with my total, but also Jared when I handed him back $9 in change from the $20 he gave me. Booyea.


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Fred Meyer for $1.32

Posted by Brooke on July 26, 2011 in Shopping trips

Despite every “special diet” person I know (read: vegan) telling me how fruitless couponing is or would be for them, I have found no shortage of deals on things like veggie meat and soy milk. Today I stopped by Fred Meyer on my way home I pick up a couple cartons of rice milk for $.67, as well as the free pens I wanted at Target but were sold out long before I got there. For a total of $1.32 I got:

2 Packages of 10 Bic Pens (Regular price 1.43, on sale (with in store coupon) .49 – $1/2 coupon = FREE)

2 Cartons Rice Milk (Regular price $3.32, on sale $1.67 – $1 coupon = $.67 each)

The cashier seemed stoked, but then again, she seemed stoked on the person in front of me’s order too. Fred Meyer doesn’t include the percent savings on the receipt, but I’m willing to say I did ok.

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Savings vs. Addiction

Posted by Brooke on July 25, 2011 in Lessons

Yesterday I realized I may have a problem. We were in Troutdale to go to the outlets (scored a pair of my favorite Levis corduroys for $15!) and Jared wanted to go to Harbor Freight. On the way, we passed an Albertsons and I literally slammed on the brakes and turned into the lot to see if I could grab another package of Tully’s Coffee while the sale was still going on. They had plenty and I used my other coupon, plus the catalina from my last trip to get a bag for $2.49.

This is obviously a really good deal on coffee that is normally $10.49, but the reality is, I am shopping way more now than I ever used to. I decided maybe it was time to do some addition and sure enough, I’m spending more on groceries now than I did pre-couponing. Granted I have WAY more stuff, and we’re eating out less because there’s always food in the house, so overall it’s probably a wash, but I decided it was time for a budget.

I now have an envelope with $100 cash that is my couponing budget for the month. Hopefully it will keep me in line, however, definitely gonna hit Fred Meyer later to get free pens and some soy milk for $.67.

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Stocked Up – Target and Safeway 7-23-11

Posted by Brooke on July 24, 2011 in Shopping trips

It took three trips to different Targets, but I finally found the kitty litter deal I was after this week. Of course, they were out of all the other freebees I had coupons for (Bic pens and Bengay) but whatever. My cats will now poop in pleasure as I picked up 80lbs of Arm and Hammer cat litter.

The breakdown:

Regular price $15.29, On sale for $13 – $1.50 coupon = $11.50 each plus a $5 gift card for buying too. I spent $23 OOP, but now have $5 to spend on the next deal. And while I was in the checkout lane I scoped Advil pocket packs on clearance for $1.28. I had a couple two dollars off any Advil coupons, which means I got two for free, just like that.

My second trip of the day was to Safeway and let me just say, the deals at Safeway SUCK this week. I almost skipped it all together but there were a few Catalina offers that seemed worth it. I got:

4 18 packs of Playtex Gentle Glide tampons (Regular price $4.99- coupon $1.50/1, $1/1, $2.50/2 – $1 safeway doubler = Total 13.96 or $3.49 a box, but wait there’s more! I bought four boxes to get a $6 catalina, which means I actually spent $1.99 a box)

6 boxes of Hamburger Helper (Regular price 1.89, on sale 1.69 – instore coupon $.99 each – (2) .75/3 – $ 1 Safeway doubler = $.57 each but there’s more, I also got a $2 off my next humburger, chicken or tuna purchase to it’s like I paid $.24 each)

My out of pocket on this trip was $17.40 or a 44% savings, but the next trip I make is gonna be awesome with $8 in free money in my pocket.

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Coupon Lessons for Ben

Posted by Brooke on July 23, 2011 in Lessons, Shopping trips

With no job or aspirations, Ben Graham took an extra interest in my new couponing hobby. Well, first he talked a bunch of shit, and then he asked me to take him with me. Since Ben is helpless like a small child, I agreed and asked him what he wanted to buy. “I don’t know, yummy food,” he said. Helpful. We’d settled on Albertsons (the best deals were there this week), so I prepped a good trip full of bachelor food, and we were off.

There were a few catalina offers this week, so we did two transactions for him.

Transaction #1:

4 cans of Healthy Choice Soup (Regular $2.99, On sale $1 – $1/2 coupon + $1 back = $.25 each)

4 boxes of Cheerios (Regular $4.59, on sale $2.50 – $1/2 coupon + $2 back = $1.50 each)

3 packages of Knorr sides (Regular 1.89, on sale $1 (no coupons) + $1 back= $.66 each)

Total OOP $13 (with $4 back in catalinas) — 64% savings.

Transaction #2:

2lbs of Tillamook Pepper Jack cheese (Regular $9.99, on sale $8.49 – in ad coupon = $4.99 total)

4 Marie Calendars Frozen Dinners (Regular $4.99, on sale $1.88 – $1/2 coupon = $1.38 each)

Then we used the $4 catalinas from the last transaction so total OOP was $6.51– 78% savings.

I did one final transaction for myself, where I picked up:

1 package of Tully’s Coffee (Regular $10.59, on sale $5.99 – $1 in ad coupon – $1.50 coupon = $3.49… wanted to get two but they were wiped out)

3 Knorr sides ((Regular 1.89, on sale $1 (no coupons) + $1 back= $.66 each)

I paid $6.49 (62% savings)  and have a dollar to use next time.

Overall a successful trip with stuff that will actually be useful. Ben seemed very impressed and actually uttered “I can’t believe it” a few times while were checking out, but I told him next time he was on his own and had to get his own coupons, so somehow I doubt he’ll ever do it again.


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Worst Shopping Trip Ever

Posted by Brooke on July 18, 2011 in Shopping trips

On an especially rainy Sunday, I couldn’t think of much better to do than hit a couple stores to go couponing, plus after my super successful Albertson’s trip, I was feeling confident. But I made a few fatal mistakes. First of all, Sunday afternoon is probably the worst time ever to go the store. Not only is everyone else in Portland out shopping, but the deals at Target/Walgreens etc just started, so the shelves have already been cleared (and not yet restocked) by crazy couponers. Then, to make matters worse, I made the mistake of bringing Jared. He not only hates couponing cause I make him print me coupons all the time, but he is so embarrassed by it that he would way rather pay full price than “make a scene.”

Those factors in place, I was determined to make the best of things. We started at Target, where I wanted to get 80lbs of cat litter for $23 and get a $5 gift card to use towards the rest of my purchases. Not surprisingly though, the shelf was bare. Not totally discouraged, we headed to the food section, where I found Classico sauce on sale for $1.83. It’s possible I got a bunch of $1/2 coupons on eBay for $1.75 (free shipping!) so I grabbed 4 jars. We also checked out the Morning Star farms selection because I had a $1/2 Target coupon, plus plenty of $1 off 1 manufacturers coupons. Even though they were full price, I still picked up two for $2.09 each.

Target unfortunately did not have everything we needed for dinner, so we headed to Fred Meyer next. While Jared combed the aisles for veggie gravy, I decided to casually walk around and look for deals. I found Olive Oil on sale for $4.99, which I happened to have a $1 coupon for, as well as a sale on Weber seasonings (2 for $5) that I had another $1 off of. Jared got an onion and au jus mix that were totally not on sale and we headed for the register. Since Jared paid the last time, I figured I’d be nice and get this one (plus in theory my items were more expensive) so I whipped out the Kellog’s $5 gift card I got for buying cereal. Even though it was alledgedly a “gas card” it worked fine and our out of pocket was under $3.

The veggie gravy mission, however, was a failure, so we had to hit Safeway to pick some up. It wasn’t on sale and it was kind of expensive, but that’s not why I mention this part of the trip. We wanted to get a salad to go with dinner, and I found some Fresh Express kits for $.98 (regular price.) I had a $.75 off coupon, which I used a doubler with, earning me $.27 on our salad. Now this may sound great, but the lady in front of us was buying BOGO chicken breasts and there was some issue with the label and it took forever. I may have gotten good deals but between the headaches and hassles, I’m still saying this was the worst shopping trip ever.

To recap my purchases and make myself feel better though:

4 jars of Classico sauce ($1.33 each)

2 Morning Star Farms veggie meats ($2.09 each)

1 Fillipo Berrio Olive Oil ($3.99)

1 Weber Seasoning jar ($1.50)

(Technically the Fred Meyer trip cost $.49 because I used the $5 gift card)

Fresh Express salad kit ($-.27)

Total out of pocket cost for couponing items: $7.06 (Retail price $25.03, or $17.97 savings- 71%)

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Albertsons for 88 Cents!

Posted by Brooke on July 17, 2011 in Scores!, Shopping trips

Last night Timbro threw down the gauntlet and challenged me to do a totally free shopping trip. While I’ve gotten plenty of items for free so far, I’m yet to walk out without paying anything because I have this pesky habit of buying things I actually need when I go shopping.

Today though, I came pretty damn close at Albertsons spending $.88 out of pocket and saving $12.96 or 94%. I could have gotten out totally free, but we actually needed tortillas and they were on sale (with in ad coupon) for $.99, so I had to do it.

I got:

2 loaves of Franz crushed wheat bread (regular $3.39, on sale $1.50- $1 coupon – double, paid FREE!)

2 boxes Ronzoni Garden Delights pasta ( Regular $2.49, on sale $1 – $1/2 coupon- double, paid FREE!)

1 Weber Seasoning packet (regular $1.59, on sale $1.39 -$1 coupon – double, paid free!)

1 package Mission Tortillas, (regular $2.99, on sale $.99 with in ad coupon, plus he must have screwed up and gave me a 10 cent overage on my coupons so paid $.88)

Definitely my most successful haul to date, but wait, there’s more! The guy gave me a bunch of game pieces for the summer sweepstakes and one was in instant winner so I have a free donut coming my way!

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I Scream, You Scream, Ice Cream is Cheap at Safeway!

Posted by Brooke on July 16, 2011 in Shopping trips

Of all the deals at Safeway this week, I must say I got the most excited about cheap ice cream, so I decided I would stock up. With the doubler (which incidentally I had no problem using a second in one week) the Breyers 1/2 gallons were $1.24, but an even better deal were the Magnum 3-packs, coming in at 99 cents each. I used all the coupons I had already printed (two magnum, 1 breyers) and now I have a freezer full of fattening deliciousness.

I didn’t wanna waste a slot on my doubler, so I also picked up some more chili peppers (I had two more coupons) and two things of ranch dressing (buy one get one free + $1/2 coupon, so $1 each.)

Total I spent $6.96 for a total savings of 74% and yes, it looks like we better start construction on that barn for my ever growing stock pile.

Got the coupons and sale fliers for this week today and I’m pretty excited about the buy 2, get $5 gift card deal on Arm and Hammer cat litter at Target and the free Franz bread I’m gonna get tomorrow with the Albertsons doubler.


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