Target Recon Mission July 4, 2011

Posted by Brooke on July 4, 2011 in Scores!, Shopping trips |

How do you celebrate America? Apparently I go to Target and buy things for very little money. I was inspired to try out couponing at Target by a deal on Ziploc containers, which we actually needed. I also printed out a few other Target coupons for veggie meat and crystal light, just in case! Honestly I wasn’t even sure what the grocery selection was going to be.

As it turned out, they are in the process of turning the Mall 205 store into a full grocery and have a decent selection of packaged stuff already. I quickly realized they also have really good prices normally, not to mention lots of unadvertised sales. I ended up spending $5.34 and walked out with:

2 bottles of Vinegar (77 cents each)

Ortega Taco shells (94 cents)

KC BBQ sauce (Definitely didn’t need more, but it was FREE!)

Guildens mustard (54 cents)

Two packages of Ziploc containers ($1.16 each)

The coupons saved me $6.87 this trip and the potential is amazing. For example, the regular prices on Crystal light were lower than the sale price I got at Safeway (unfortunately I can’t find my coupon stash for those, if anyone sees it, let me know!)

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