Shopping – June 18, 2011

Posted by Brooke on June 26, 2011 in Shopping trips |

I figure if I’m saving over 50% I’m doing pretty well. I know on the show they get everything for free, but yeah, that’s seemingly unrealistic for myself. My most successful trip so far has yielded 81% savings, and only consisted of SOME stuff I didn’t need.

For $4.25 I went home with:

-a box of pasta (free)

-a box of kleenex (.79)

-two big bags of M&Ms (the difference)

-two sticks of deodorant (one of which has already been donated to Party Time Nate) (free)

-a big box of popsicles (.49)

The kleenex cost $.79 and, the pasta and deodorant were free and the rest of the cost went to the sweets, less than $2 each.



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