Shopping and Dinner June 29, 2011

Posted by Brooke on June 30, 2011 in Good Eats, Shopping trips |

I gather to do this right you’re supposed to plan ahead and stock pile, but I don’t really see myself ever breaking the habit of almost-daily-pre-dinner grocery shopping. Jared had whipped up some sandwich buns last night so the goal was veggie sloppy joes. I was all excited to use a veggie meat coupon I already had, but alas, it expired yesterday. A little quick googling though, and I found a $1 off 1 Morning Star farms coupon, so we were set. Also needed (well not really needed, but on sale) was BBQ sauce and corn, so we picked up that as well as some potatoes for a side.

Total, I spent $5.83 for a total savings of 57% and got:

3 bottles of Sweet Baby rays BBQ sauce (.49 each)

One package of meatless meat grounds (2.49)

Red potatoes (1.20)

2 ears of white corn (.67)

I now have at least a year’s supply of BBQ sauce and I also went straight home and printed another Morning Star farms coupon so that I can stock up next time. Well, I tried to print two more from another computer, but managed to have them print over each other by trying to save paper. Stupid environment.


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