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Posted by Brooke on June 29, 2011 in Good Eats |

What good would couponing be if you never got anything you wanted to eat? No good, I tell you. One of my scores last weekend was a pork loin for $3.50, so I have been enjoying that for dinner the past few nights.

The first night I just grilled it up, made some brocolli and cheddar rice I’d gotten for $.75 or so and used up some of the frozen peas I’ve been stockpiling half-eaten bags of in the freezer.

Day two I opted for a sandwich. I am lucky enough to have a significant other that really enjoys making bread so that’s a homemade baguette and then I added some provolone and a relish made from red pepper, artichoke hearts and pickles. Finally some spicy brown mustard I got last weekend for $.65 or so.

And I have one meal left (thanks to living with a vegetarian) so I’m thinking Pork Fried rice. Definitely got my money’s worth out of this one.

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