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Posted by Brooke on June 27, 2011 in Random Thoughts, Scores! |

One of the rules I’ve set for myself is only purchasing one Sunday Paper a week. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is cost (others being hoarding prevention and my desire not to prolong the life of the print industry.) At $2 a pop, buying a bunch of papers could start to add up and negate the value of the coupons, right? That said, I’m not to proud to take coupons from other people’s newspapers. The only problem is, who subscribes the newspaper anymore? Even my parents have moved to the e-version.

Today when I came into work though, the Sunday paper was still in the bakery and the two coupon circulars were included! As I’ve been told, vegans can’t coupon because their “diets are too weird” and I will let them keep believing that if it gets me more coupons every week. The most exciting thing in this stack is that aforementioned booze rebate coupon which I will happily be cashing in twice.

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