Next Level Shopping- June 26, 2011

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First, I’m afraid blogging about this is going to make things worse. Now I have not only incentive to get good deals regularly, but the more entertaining/ridiculous things I do, the better for writing about. Enter today’s shopping trip.

Cereal is a couponing staple, although between matching up the best price with what you have a coupon for and which kinds you will actually eat is quite the challenge. There tends to be little to no organization among the brands, but for this deal, I decided to rough it.

I left the store with 62% savings and a total out of pocket of $8.84, and *ding ding ding* a free movie ticket! But wait there’s more, I also have a $5 prepaid gas card on the way from redeeming codes on the insides of the boxes (even more ridiculous than it sounds). Oh yeah, and at least a few months worth of cereal, which is now living in the hall closet while I enjoy the already-opened boxes I have in the kitchen.

I bought:

2 boxes of Corn Flakes (3.98 total)

2 boxes of Rice Krispies (2.98 total)

1 box of Frosted Mini Wheats (1.99)

1/2 gallon of Milk (It was 1.89 but I doubled my two coupons so I’m counting the extra $1 savings and saying I paid .89)

Plus the gas card and the movie ticket worth up to $12, I’d say this was a pretty sweet deal. Now who wants to have a cold cereal party?

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