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Posted by Brooke on September 10, 2013 in Scores! |

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Between the Safeway app and laziness, I rarely use paper coupons anymore. But when I saw this baby looking up at my from my garage flood (where paper mail goes to die) I got really excited. You see, booze coupons are rare, and high value booze coupons with no limitations!? Yes please. I hauled my ass over to Safeway and here’s what I bought.

2 Bottles of Head Snapper Sauvignon Blanc. Regular price 39.98, on sale $19.98

1 bottle Erath Pinot Gris. Regular price $14.99, on sale $10.99

1 bottle Red Rock Malbec. Regular price $12.49, on sale $10.99

1 bottle Alamos Malbec. Regular price $11.99, on sale $8.99

1 bottle Anthropogy Wine. Regular price $14.99, on sale $9.99

Total: $60.94

- 6.09 (10% off six bottles)

-$15 off $50 Coupon

Regular price: $94.44, Paid: $39.85 or $6.64 a bottle.

Now I am well aware that you can get wine for a lot cheaper than $6.64 a bottle (two buck chuck, what) but this is good wine and that’s a damn 60% savings. Thanks Safeway!

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