Albertsons Double Deals

Posted by Brooke on September 13, 2011 in Shopping trips |

Every couple weeks, Albertsons drops a few twice the value coupons in the Sunday Paper that will double the value of a manufacturers coupon up to $1. This week you could also get them on Facebook, though I didn’t bother. Anyway, this is generally the only time I go to Albertson’s, because it’s in Milwaukee, and Safeway is so much closer. This week, they were having a buy 10 save $5 promo on General Mills products, so I took advantage of that as well as getting a few other random things.

I ended up spending $16.32 for $38.59 worth of stuff, for a total savings of 58%. I got:

4 Cans of Progresso Soup (Regular price $2.99, on sale $1.79 – .50 each for buy 10 deal – $1/4 coupon – Albertsons double= $.79 each)

6 Party Pizzas (Regular prize $1.50- .50 each for buy 10 deal – 2 $.60/3 MFG coupons = $.80 each)

4 Jamba Juice Frozen Smoothie Mixes (Regular price $2.99, on sale $2.49 – 2 $1/2 coupons – 2 Albertons doubles = $1.50 each… not the best deal but they did make for some delicious cocktails on the hottest day of the year)

3 Green Giant Frozen Vegetables (Regular price $2.98, on sale $1 each – $60/3 coupon = $.80 each)

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