Nature Valley Granola Thins: My Official Review

Posted by Brooke on August 11, 2011 in Product Reviews, Random Thoughts |

Nature Valley (ahem, General Mills) has been desperately trying to get people addicted to these granola thins. I know because I had tons of coupons for them that have been accumulating almost every week. They were finally cheap enough at Safeway that I decided I would pick some up.

They are regularly $3.99 and on sale for $2.99. If you bought four you saved an extra $1 per box, plus I had 4 $.75 coupon, which Safeway doubled all four of, saving me another $2. Total I paid $.74 cents a box.

Now the real question: was it worth it?

I was kind of excited that they were only 80 calories each, of course, when I opened the box I found out why: they’re tiny. We’re talking almost bite size. In other words, you’re looking at 240 calories by the time you accidentally eat four.

As far as taste goes, they’re pretty yummy. The chocolate masks the fact that granola is allegedly healthy pretty well, but I don’t see myself getting addicted enough to ever pay full price for these things. Next time, General Mills should just package crack, it would be a lot more effective than coupons.


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