But it Was Free!!

Posted by Brooke on August 11, 2011 in Scores!, Shopping trips |

Two-packs of Dry Erase markers are on sale for $.99 each at Walgreens right now. A few days ago, a $2/2 packs of said markers appeared on Coupons.com (it looks like it’s already be gone). Now I don’t even own a dry erase board and have no plans to purchase one, but I’m sure you can do the math here. I only printed out one coupon, but I figured if I happened to be at Walgreens and they happened to be in stock, well, why not?

Today I had to pick up a prescription and sure enough, there were plenty of markers. So I got some. And technically, I saved $.02 on my prescription because of it. But now I have these markers that I really, really don’t need so if any one in Portland will use them, hit me up and they’re yours. Otherwise, I’ll send em to my mom, but the postage will really negate my savings!

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