$100 Worth of Groceries for $45 at Safeway

Posted by Brooke on August 4, 2011 in Shopping trips |

While there are no incredibly amazing individual deals at Safeway this week, there are a couple store coupons for $10 off a $50 purchase and $5 off $15 worth of frozen items, which means it’s a good chance to get stuff that never really goes on sale, or you know, you actually need. But I always fall victim to spending WAY more than the necessary amount to use these minimum purchase coupons, so this trip, I was determined to keep myself in line. There may have been excel sheets involved, but I don’t think anyone really needs to know about that…

I ended up spending $45.77 out of pocket for a total savings of $55.42 or 55%, and picked up some staples such as balsamic vinegar, flour, sugar, cling wrap and even some fruit. As for my best deals, I got:

Mozzarella cheese (Regular price $5.99, on sale $4.99 – $1 Store coupon – $1 manufacturer peely -Safeway double (.50)= Paid $2.49)

4 various Morning Star Farms fake meat products ($3.99 each – 4 $1 off coupons – $5/15 store promo = Paid: $1.74 each)

Pork Ribs (Regular price $14.97, on sale $8.97 – $2 coupon = Paid $6.97)

Pepperidge Farm Sausalito cookies (Regular $3.99, On sale $2.50 – $.55 coupon -Safeway double (.50) = paid $1.54)

Organic Rasberries (regular price $3.99, on sale $2.50 – $.50 coupon = paid $2.00)

4 Totinos Party Pizzas (regular price $1.50 – $1/4 coupon – $1/4 Just4u savings = Paid $1 each)

I actually used a calculator while I was shopping, and it was amazing how fast everything added up to $50. Over all though, a successful trip that avoided buying too many things Jared will complain I “made him eat” later.


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