Defeated at Walgreens

Posted by Brooke on July 31, 2011 in Lessons, Shopping trips |

Sometimes the coupons win, and on my trip to Walgreens, I’d say that happened. Planning is key with this stuff, and I tend to just sort of wing it. I check the blogs, see what the good deals are, check for what coupons I have and then head out. I don’t estimate what I’m going to spend or make a list, I more just cross my fingers and hope for the best.

My main motivation for even going to Walgreens was to use my $3/2 Pantene coupon that expired today (I had two of them.) Wags was having a $2/7 sale on Pantene, plus you got a $2 register reward for buying two. So shampoo and conditioner that were regularly $4.99 would cost $2 each OOP or $1 each if you factor in the Register Rewards.

If I had left it at that, I would have done ok, but I felt the need to buy a few other things that I had coupons for and also had register rewards and that’s where it all came undone. She rang up my purchase and it came to $15.03. Now this seemed high, but obviously I didn’t do the math until I got home. So I got:

2 Oral B Toothbrushes (Regular price $3.29, son sale 2/$6 – $.75 coupon = should have cost $5.25 total– receive $2 Register Reward. Actually Paid $2.91 each – not a good deal)

2 Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner* (Regular price $4.99, On sale 2/$7 – $3/2 coupon = should have cost $4 total– receive $2 Register Reward. Actually Paid $3.39 each – not a terrible deal, but geez.)

2 Bags M&Ms (Regular price $3.79, on sale 2/$5 – $1/2 coupon = $4 — receive $1 Register Reward. Paid $2.00 each )

On other words, I should have paid $13, not $15 and gotten $6 back. I called and they said if I bring back the items and my receipt they would refund the difference, but I think I might just write this one off as a loss.

*the good news is I did a separate transaction, used my other coupon, was able to use one of the $2 RR and paid $2 out of pocket for two more bottles of Pantene. And I also have $6 to spend next time.

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