Shopping- June 25, 2011

Posted by Brooke on June 26, 2011 in Shopping trips |

Today I dropped $14, which included buying this week’s coupons (aka the Sunday Newspaper) and a couple things I totally didn’t need but WERE GOOD DEALS, such as clearance iced tea mix. Total percent of savings was 62% and I got:

-3 packs of Stride gum (1.28)

-Another pack of gum I thought I had to buy to make the coupon work but totally didn’t. (At least is was on sale for $.99)

-Iced tea mix (1.44)

-2 Spicy Brown mustards (.73 total)

-A pork loin (only 3.50, but should have been 2.50 if the stupid ecoupon I loaded on my card worked)

-2 bags of pistachios. (3.49)

Plus I donated 7 cents to prostate cancer.

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