Double Coupons at Safeway

Posted by Brooke on July 14, 2011 in Lessons, Shopping trips |

So big drama in the Safeway couponing world this week! The wording on the doubler has changed, stating that only one doubler can be used per week (instead of per trip as before.) Honestly, I’m not sure how they’re enforcing this one, but I figured I’d better make that doubler count!

I bought:

4 cans of Mandarin Oranges $5.01 ($6.76 – .50/2 coupon – .50 doubler – .$75 catalina that printed out. Now these we’re supposed to be on sale and I didn’t get charged a sale price, but I am still too cool to argue, so I basically wasted some money here.)

2 cans of diced green chilis $.98 (2.98, on sale for 2.48- $1/2 coupon -.50 doubler)

1 jar of enchilada sauce -$.29 (2.09 on sale for 1.19- $1 coupon – .50 doubler)

1 Breyers blasts Ice Cream $1.24 (5.99 on sale for 3.49 – $1 Just4u – .75 coupon – .50 doubler.)

Total out of pocket was 7.69 or 57% savings, plus I have $.75 towards my next trip. Now if only I had argued about the oranges, that could have been even less, but I’m sure I’ll get there…

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