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Thrift/vintage is somewhat of a cottage industry here in Portland. Options run the gamut between totally free stuff* that people around town leave on the sidewalk in boxes, to showing up at designated times for first dibs on bins full of junk&treasure at Goodwill, to standard thrift department stores, to curated collections of fine vintage threads and furniture that someone else found first (and admittedly had an eye for) and are offering to the public at a sometimes insane markup.

*usually actual trash that should really be thrown out but people around here can’t seem to bear the thought, occasionally something good

Anyway, many useful things can be found through a combination of thrifting options here in Portland, USA America. Buying used is a great way to reduce and recycle stuff that would otherwise be destined for landfills, score one of a kind treasures and support local businesses and non profits. Most importantly, it is also a GREAT way to $ave money, which is what this blog is about.

I went to Value Village and raided a free box last week. Here’s the haul:

Igloo playmate cooler $4.99
Coupon pac coupon wallet (I’m legit) $.99
Levi’s Mid Rise Straight 552 Jeans (like new) $5.99
Awakenings by Oliver Sacks FREE
A Turbulent Voyage: Readings in African American Studies FREE

Total cost: $11.97
Estimated Value: $45

The cooler kept beer and food icy cold (on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere, 30 miles from the nearest store & toilet) all weekend and is a must for value seeking campers and road trippers everywhere. I have somehow reached a point in my life where I occasionally need to wear “nice jeans,” so that explains the Levi’s…Everything else is cool and was under $1 combined.

Value Village now has a super savers club, which apparently opens exclusive manager’s specials to card holders every day. Am joining, will report back.

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