Target Trip- July 12, 2012

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This week Target is offering a $5 gift card when you buy two bags of Purina catfood, which happened to have a $2 off coupon on Facebook (explaining my new facebook fandom) and I thought, hey, that seems like a pretty good deal. So I printed off my coupons and headed to Target today to get some. When I got there though, I realized the bags in question were 3lbs (tiny) making $5.59 each seem like not such a good deal. But I drove all the way there… and I figure Willis and Tyra are worth it, so I went for it.

One of the keys to couponing is multiple transactions, so I scoped some other deals, but went and paid for just the cat food. Total cost: $10.98 and I received a $5 gift card.

For transaction number two, I’d scoped out a few items to waste my free money on. First was two-packs of Sharpies, on sale for $1, and I had printed out a $1 off Target coupon (who planned that, Target?) Of course, when I went to the Sharpie aisle, the spot for the $1 pens was empty. Below it were what seemed to be another type for $1.54 so I figured, good price anyway and grabbed them. When I got to the register though, they apparently were on sale, so FREE!

In the food section I found a hang-tag coupon on a jar of Classico for a free red sauce with purchase of two white sauces, which happened to be on sale for $1.92. So I got all three jars for $3.84 ($1.28 each)

I’d also printed out a $1 off Lipton Recipe secrets Onion Soup mix, which were only $1.14, so I got two for $.14 each (and that stuff makes awesome mealoaf and potatoes.)

Since I had $5 to spend, I still needed something else and I realized I actually NEEDED printer paper, so I bought some, totally not on sale ($3.14), bringing my total out of pocket on this transaction to $2.26.

Yes, the catfood was not the amazing deal I hoped for, but at a total of $13 for all that stuff, I’d say I did alright.

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  • sarah says:

    I got the same cat food deal, but the bags at our Denver Target had peelie coupons good for another $2 off each bag. Extra bonus: the cat actually loves this stuff, despite his usual disdain for dry food.

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