Who Doesn’t Need More TP?

Posted by Brooke on July 8, 2011 in Scores!, Shopping trips |

Walgreens is a harsh mistress when it comes to couponing, mainly cause they have some of the best deals, and get cleaned out quickly by other deal hungry shoppers, so I was half expecting to walk out empty handed on my mission for cheap toilet paper. But amazingly enough, the shelves were stocked with the 12 packs of Cottonelle I had coupons for and I grabbed the two I was after.

Why two, you ask? Well the rumor was it would print a register reward if you bought two and hallelujah, it did, so I got $3.50 to use on a future purchase. All told I spent $9 out of pocket ($5 each, minus the 50 cent coupons I printed) then minus the RR. I basically paid $2.75 a 12 pack. (LESS THAN 23 CENTS PER ROLL!)

Now here’s the ridiculous part. There are two Walgreens on my way from work, so I got the TP at the first one. I figured I would stop at the second and pick up something with my free money to really make it worth my while, but I went in and couldn’t figure out what the hell to buy. I was trying not to actually spend more money (you have to spend at least the value though), and everything that was “good deals” would still have cost me more than $3.50. I didn’t really NEED anything, so I walked around for about 20 minutes and finally just left empty handed. Luckily the RR doesn’t expire for two weeks.


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