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I try to limit my trips to Target, as I find the experience of going there to buy stuff that I hate that I need to be kind of soul sucking. Paper products, cleaning products, cat products, socks… After more than 10 minutes of navigating what is essentially an enormous box full of cheap crap (cohesively branded under an admittedly appealing design aesthetic) to find what I “need,” I swear that I can actually feel my brain being starved of oxygen under the glare of the fluorescent lights. Does anyone else consistently feel ill after spending a little time at Target?? I guess what I’m trying to say is that all signs point to the fact that I die a little bit inside every time I go to Target, yet I continue to shop there.

I also find myself curious about the off hours social life/dating drama among Target employees far more than at any other store…

Anyway, I like Target for two reasons: it’s cheap, and it’s way less crappy than Walmart (which I would either have to be dead or in the middle of America with no other options to be caught in).  On today’s trip, I picked up a few staples and saved a bit of money in the process.  There are very few things that I’m brand loyal about, but this trip happened to cover most of them. Brooke is a good friend and gave me a $1 off coupon for my preferred brand of feminine hygiene products, OB. I also printed a $1 coupon off the Arm and Hammer website to save on cat litter, and cat food happened to be on sale this week. For 39.58, I got:

40 lbs of Arm and Hammer super scoop fragrance free cat litter ($15.59-$1.00, worst deal of the day!)
48 Cans of Fancy Feast sliced poultry and beef feast cat food ($26.98-$6.98)
1 box of OB pro comfort super tampons ($5.99 – $1.00)

For a total savings of $8.98.

If you don’t have a cat or a period, this probably doesn’t seem like a good deal (though you’re also probably not reading this blog), but it is.

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