Cheap Meat (That’s not actually meat)

Posted by Brooke on July 7, 2011 in Lessons, Scores!, Shopping trips |

Since I got a good deal on Taco Shells at Target, a taco night was inevitable and last night was the night! I stopped by Safeway to get some Morning Star Farms crumbles and take advantage of the sale (3.49 each) plus my $1 off coupons, plus the extra $.50 savings I had loaded on to my card. Then I ended up with an extra bonus: the cashier I went to double doubled my coupons, giving me the full $2 off with with the doubler, even though I was only eligible for $1. Win. So for a total of $2.97 (69% savings) I got:

Two packages of Morning Star Farms crumbles ($.99 each)

A head of green leaf lettuce ($.99)

This brings me to one thing I’ve learned though this couponing: picking the right check out lane is key. If you can, avoid the older ladies, because they typically care a little too much and will argue with you about things like whether internet coupons can be doubled. Ideally a younger guy will let you do whatever you want, although in this case, the man was older, and I think just clueless.

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