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I have some days where I just can’t put together a punchline. Today is not one of those days. I am doing a really amazing job at making fun of stuff and stealing funny jokes from others for my own benefit. Here’s a quick run down.

I received a Grenade Games press release this morning. Now I am not just going to post an ad for Monster and Grenade without some subtle shit talk. I killed it.

A little bird forwarded me what may or may not be an inter office joke at Burton. It was funny, so I ran with it. I mean, my sense of humor doesn’t lie, they obviously wanted this on Yobeat.

But I do not just limit my humor to YoBeat. Today I think I pulled off a post that might even make wakeskaters laugh! It helps that they actually wrote it unknowingly, but I think the pictures are really what sets it apart. Check out all 99 uses for your old handle.

If none of this succeeds in making you LOL, I feel we might need to reevluate our friendship. That is all.