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We’ve got Olympic fever and it’s mostly cause Scotty Lago made the team. Not only is he a good ol’ New England boy, but he’s down for a good time, even while trying to make Team USA. If anyone can show the world what snowboarding is really about (hint: not double corks) it’s Scotty.

As the only Frend on the Olympic team, do you think not being on a Burton board had anything to do with you making it?

Naw, hahaha, but being the only one from the crew gives me more motivation to go and shred it

So given Kevin and Danny’s untimely injuries, did that help motivate you to get it done?

For sure it did! I’m super bummed on the injury status, and I just feel bad for em. I’ll try my best to hold it down, though.

What’s your take on your lumber jack outfit, I mean, uniform?

hahaha I love it…They wont let me drop in with my chain saw for the Olympics, so that kinda sucks.

Do you plan on doling out high fives at the Games like you did on your final run at the Park City Grand Prix?

Possibly, I had nothing to lose. If a kid can get through the insane security at X I’ll give him a hug, too.

Do you think with all the hype around the US guys, there might just be a Euro or Japanese kid waiting to come out of the woodwork and crush everyone?

Yup! There are a lot of contenders out there: Finland, Japan, Switzerland will all do well. I just hope we do better.


Are you at all concerned about the lack of snow at the Olympic venue?

Not really, I’m pretty sure they will get it done when it comes time…but it has definitely crossed my mind.

How does it feel to be the official “snowboarder’s snowboarder” on the Olympic team?

I think I know what that means, haha. I just wish Danny was there with me too.

People seem to think you don’t train as much or as vigorously as some of the other riders because you like to party. Is that true, are you just that much better than everyone else?

I’m good…I’m real good, haha. No, I party when the time is right.

How did you manage to make the Olympic team without your own private pipe?

Because there was three more spots left on the team, haha

What’s more motivational for you: representing your country, or the opportunity to beat Shaun White out of a gold medal?

Representing the country! I’m a patriotic kid and I’m proud to rep. Beating shaun does not motivate me at all really. It motivates him though, maybe that’s why he’s the best..hhhhmmmm


Special thanks to Grenade TM Jordan Brown for the photos and making the interview magic happen.


For all this talk about how little we care about the Olympics and what not, we’ve really been paying pretty close attention to it. When the team was officially announced on Monday we realized that maybe we are even a little bit psyched to see how big of a junk show Vancouver 2010 really ends up being (or not.) It also doesn’t hurt that a decent portion of team USA are not just lame pipe jocks, but snowboarders we actually kind of like. And since we could, we figured some quick, EXCLUSIVE interviews were in order (but only with the people we care about.) First up, Louie Vito.

Which experience is more pressure-filled: Dancing with the stars, or going to the Olympics?

Dancing for sure.  I mean, every week I had to go out in outfits that I wasn’t the most comfortable in, doing a dance I had no confidence in, in front of a live audience, spotlight, judges who I knew would rip me apart, and 22 million viewers a week.  Snowboarding, I’m wearing what I want, doing what I know how to do, so that’s a lot easier for me.

Will Chelsie be coming to Vancouver with you?

haha not too sure about that.

Do you follow the chatter on the DWTS message boards? Has your super-fame affected your journey to the team at all?

No, I don’t mess with those message boards.

Did your dance training help you with your double corks?

haha, Richards says I am air dancing now, so maybe.

Are you sick of talking about DWTS yet?

haha, it’s funny because it always comes up no matter what interview I am doing.

Your boss, Todd Richards, got 14th on his trip to the Olympics. Does the idea of besting his finish add any additional pressure or motivation?

Motivation for sure.  I would love to better his finish but then again, if they judged like they do now on the best run format, he would have won.

Are you at all nervous about having him announce the contest and what he might say about you, knowing all your secrets and what not?

I have known Todd for a long time.  No matter what the situation is, being on TV or not, I know there is a good chance he is going to say something to make fun of me.

Aside from getting to go to the Olympics, what’s the best part about making the team?

Just making it.  It was definitely a goal of mine and I think it’s harder to make it than to do well.  I just wanna enjoy everything and the experience.

Did you hear IPOD claimed is he going to crush Shaun on Swiss tv, do you think there’s any weight to his claims?

Did he really say that?? Let’s be realistic here.

What’s more motivational for you: representing your country, or the opportunity to beat Shaun White out of a gold medal?

Representing the USA.  I just wanna go there and land a run.  If I do that then I will be stoked!


Special thanks to Jordan Brown from Grenade for the photos and making Louie answer our completely ridiculous questions.