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I’m trying to figure out how to say this without sounding negative, but I can’t really do it. I hate events. Sure, they are a chance to see some of the best riding/skating, easy content, and a gathering of friends, but for me they are work! And not just work, but work that usually falls over a weekend! So instead of getting to work in my garden, go skateboarding, or do any of the other things I would like to do with my free time, I get to hustle for the shot then go home and edit until the wee hours so that I can satisfy my own personal insanity by having the first coverage of the event up.

That said, there are worse events to go to than the Trifecta (or Bi-fecta as it ended up being this year.) Both stops were near my house, and I took a mellow approach to my coverage, not showing up until the pros started skating. The Tigard event was more entertaining than Pier Park, and 12 year olds are better at skating than most of the older dudes. (Sorry guys, being too cool to wear pads isn’t helping your career after all!) Check out my full galleries on YoBeat here.

Next weekend Dew Tour is in town, and since I don’t even care a little bit about it, and attempting to shoot it is miserable due to over-zealous security, I will be skipping in entirely. And that, is my kind of event.

Day 1: Tigard

Though usually a three-stop tour, this year’s Trifecta was downgraded to a Bi-fecta due to the cancellation of the Lincoln City stop. It makes the most sense to blame the economy, though this is probably not actually why. The first stop took over Tigard Skatepark on August 8, 2009. Rather than naming tricks and skaters, I will just say, the skating was ridiculous and here are a bunch of pictures.

Pro Results

1. Kevin Kowalski
2. Mason Huggins
3. Josh Mattson

(Click on the thumbnails to enlarge and scroll through.)

Day 2: Pier Park

It was a totally different competition at Pier Park. The 11 foot bowl is unforgiving, to say the least, so individual runs instead of a jam session, and a major advantange for those not too cool to wear pads were the story of the day. The most impressive and exciting skating was from the  young guns, not just holding their own, but honestly blowing the older skaters out of the water. More people made it over the door than the last time Trifecta was at Pier, but for the most part it was a series of technical grinds, followed by Sergie Ventura going way bigger than everyone else. And like yesterday, I am too lazy to write a full story, so here’s another grip of photos.



1. Benji Galloway
2. Steve Pineiro
3. Chris Russel


1. Lance Mountain
2. Mark Partain
3. Mark Scott


1. Julie Kindstrand
2. Priscilla Lee
3. Nora Vasconcellos



This whole YoBeat thing is sort of inconvenient, since I now have ANOTHER website to update.  But I just trained intern to update, since I am leaving for Canada tomorrow and will be in wakeskate world for the whole week. Hopefully he doesn’t blow it and I will be able to delegate more of the updates to him. Either way, I actually put some effort into today’s post, about the Oregon Trifecta. Meaning I edited a video. It’s not my best work, but it has it’s moments. You can check out the whole YoBeat post here.

I also did a blog for Fuel.tv which is a lot wordier. You can probably tell I wrote this one first for that reason. The same photos, but some deep thoughts, so check this one out too.

I also joined Twitter. It’s like a webpage just for facebook status updates but now you can stalk me yet another way if you feel so inclined. http://twitter.com/brookegeery

The Oregon Trifecta happened last weekend. I went to the closest stop in Tigard. The skating was rad, the heat was not. All I have to say is thank god for live webcasts. Here’s some “coverage.”

This is what inspired me to finally get out my camera. Apparently it also inspired Skate and Annoy to go get in my shot, but what can you do. I don’t fuck with the old man skate media. Anyway, the dinosaur is sort of silly, but it does make for neat pictures.

This shot really sums up Trifecta. As if the skateboarding itself isn’t enough of a challenge, lets add in five other people trying to do the exact same thing. After awhile the collisions get old, and it always sucks to see someone carted away on a stretcher because of it, but these dudes were both fine.

Depending on who you ask, Schreech is either what’s wrong with skateboarding, or its saviour. This weekend he spent a lot of time puking on the park. Dave Duncan seemed stoked. Most people were just confused. It seemed like it may have been a gimmick (and if you saw his skating with the barbie doll in his hand a couple years ago, you’d know he should know gimmicks are cool) but I don’t know if he deserves that much credit.

You may see a similar shot to this elsewhere. That’s because as soon as he started trying, every other camera in the park came over to get the shot too. Oh well.

So that’s what this giant wall is for!

Finally, the video:

Pity Party

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This is not actually as bad as it looks. Thanks Jen for the emergency room transport once again. I would write all the details but the sling up to my shoulder makes it hard to type. Read this blog to find out more.