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Tyler L’Heruex and some herb.

It’s easy to write off the Northeast with a simple “no one gives a fuck” but here’s what most people won’t tell you –The East Coast doesn’t give a fuck about you either. What those who call the East Coast home do give a fuck about is having the best time ever, and March 18th, 2013 at Loon, the stars aligned for the 13th annual Last Call. The sun was shining, and it was only sort of cold. The open container laws were unenforced, and the gondola line was a who’s who of snowboard semi-celebs. If you missed it, you missed out. End of story.

In the past 13 years, the dudes from Eastern Boarder have grown and shaped Last Call into the ultimate celebration of East Coast spring snowboarding. Now a well-oiled machine, it starts with a “big air” portion, moves to a rail conglomeration and then ends up on the classic wallride set up. The Loon Park crew is known for its creative set ups and this event is when everyone in New England gathers in one place to enjoy the fruits of their labor. And now, without the US Open, it’s also the biggest event of the season in the East, so that’s something.

brian the girl
This is a pretty solid nose press for a girl. Brian Skorupski.

It didn’t hurt the attendance record that the East Coast has bustling with activity this past weekend. The Lib Tech crew was still hanging around after the Near Canada Open. Forrest Burki was there with his cane and camping chair. A bunch of the O.G. Blue Lodge crew were in attendance reliving their college days and the current Plymouth State contingent, many of whom you know better as Keep the Change were going for it as well. STUMPED was in town from Mass,  and the Carinthia Crew showed up to represent for Vermont, and there were probably a bunch of other people that someone cares about I’m forgetting.

ted lavoie
Ted Lavoie shoots the gap.

As for the snowboarding itself, the name you really need to note is Tyler L’Hereux. While I’m not sure if he was drunk or not, I am sure he rode the hardest in the top two sections and was awarded with some cash for each. When the party went down on the wallride feature — an hour or so it was a free-for-all with dudes and chicks coming from every which way — Shaun Murphy was given top honors. Another notable highlight of the day was Nick Julius’s back 10 double cork, which earned him the coveted Ass Award. For most people though, this event is about friends and day drinking, so you’ll have to excuse my cloudy memory of rest of the tricks.

The day concluded with the WUSR Sub Arctic Challenge, a snowboard triathlon that includes a snowboard race, foot race, and beer shotgunning portion. Top honors when to Andrew Mutty, who may not have been the fastest drinker, but he did make it down the hill first. While there was some concern over how much of the beer ended up on his shirt vs in his stomach, the rest of the drunks really didn’t put up much of a fight, and that is pretty much the most fitting end the event.




1. Elin Tortorise
2. Mary Rand
3. Amy Gan



1. Tyler L’Heureux
2. Shaun Murphy
3. Travis Nuenhaus

And since our galleries are broken, here’s a bunch more photos, blog style! Warning: many of these captions were written under the influence of alcohol.

Cole St. Martin answers the call of the yeti.

There’s nothing funny about this photo, it’s just a good hand plant from Pat “the eYe” Bridges.

dylan ojo
Dylan Ojo, or “Dojo” as he’s fondly referred to, seems to have taken a liking to Loon, and the good news is, Loon likes him too.

Geno from the Beano is concentrating really hard on this shit.

Most people didn’t see him, but Dly9 was there.

All jump shots look the same so we’re not putting many in here, but this kid was killing it all day.

Lost in Translation or Fear and Loathing in Loon. Whatever. Forrest Burki was ready for just about anything.

kevin court
We thought this might be Kevin Court aka Gravedigger, but now we’re not so sure.

This one is definitely Gravedigger and considering he was bleeding at the previous event, looks like he’s doing pretty well.

merrick joyce
This is either Merrick Joyce of Nick Julius. Same difference really.

mike rav
Live free or grab nelon. Mike Rav ain’t scared.

nick doucette
This chimney tap is made extra impressive when you take into account that Nick Doucette is definitely drunk.

reis and rego
Two zeaches, one rail.

tarik blowers
There are way too many offensive things to say about this photo of Tarik Blowers. Let’s move on.

ted borland
Derrek Lever approves this backlip from Ted Borland.

travis neuhaus
Travis Neuenhaus mctwisting his way to the podium.

This is probably the heaviest Zak Wilmot will ever look.

zak hale
This is probably the worst photo of Zak Hale ever published, but you guys, he was in New Hampshire!

Preston Strout handed out a golden claw to Merrick Joyce for snowboarding well, or something.

Some east coast OG legend shit — Preston Strout, Tom Johnson and Kevin Susienka.

And some new East Coast legend shit — the ‘Goons, Dr. Brendan, Dylan Gamache and Marcus Rand and Lemi, in one photo. The Internet can stop now.

Mike Baker gets a pep talk from Andrew Mutty. It’s explained if he speed checks, falls or I beat his time, he’s a pussy. Photos: Jared Souney

It’s the third weekend of March, 2013 and you know what that means. Yep. Everyone’s completely over the fact the US Open moved to Vail. In fact, the resilient and resourceful members of the East Coast snowboard community have been busy so planning their own events, they clearly forgot to talk to each other about it, and and the result is more god damn events than one weekend can handle — none of which feature bag checks.

People keep saying “no one cares about the East Coast,” but hot damn almost 90 people showed up for this nonsense.

The festivities kicked off at Ragged Mountain in New Hampshire with the 1st Annual Mike Baker Banked Slalom, where the dirtiest of New Hampshire dirts congregated to give each other a ton of shit and race down the hill. It’s been established at this point that Banked Slaloms are the new rail jam — the go-to event if you wanna get people together and have a good time, and with a name like Mike Baker leading the charge, this was a no brainer.

Jared got all sort of artsy on the photos, and if I wasn’t a jerk, I would probably know who this is.

As with any good ol’ New Hampsha event, the gauntlet was where the real fun went down. On the most technical turn of the course, a right hand berm that shot you up hill to a tight left one, competitors gathered one by one after finishing their final run to heckle, pelt the passing riders with ice chunks and beer cans, and generally cause a scene. Only one person seemed upset (and rightly so, the newly placed ice boulders did cause him to crash dramatically into the fence) but the unsympathetic NHD’s just shrugged it off. “That’s why you take your runs early, guy.”

Beware the gauntlet. the NHD’s (and Josh who is actually from VT) give no fucks.

Even though the final results seemed the least of most people’s concern, there were goods up for grabs. $500 for first place overall, a Gucci bag from Concepts for the ladies, and free pig roast for the top 20 fastest times. There was also free PBR in the bar upstairs for everyone, so that’s cool.

This is Chris Carr. He definitely went the fastest (that’s not just camera tricks) and even scored some cash money for his efforts.

Due to some kinks in the timing system, the run times ended up being combined, instead of the best of format that was promised. After some feigned outrage, everyone pretty much realized it didn’t matter and in the end, Chris Carr won the Open Division, Aaron Diamond topped 30+ and Taylor Owen won for chicks. Most importantly, Michael Mazzella got dead last, which means he gets a NHD tattoo. It’s possible he will have to give it to himself.

For FULL RESULTS Clickety click

Ian’s last name is “Feliney” which is so cat-like I sort of want to marry him just so that is my last name. But I won’t. LOVE YOU JARED.

If you grew up on the East Coast in the 90s, the name Sky Emmons Shaw would mean something to you. If you didn’t, he’s just another dude doing a turn. Whatever.

Preston Strout took his jacket off because he saw Terje do it at the Dirksen Derby. Then he realized Terje got 12th at the Dirksen Derby, and fell both runs anyway.

Brandon Reis prefers entry from the rear.

Mike Baker put on his game face and came in second to Aaron Diamond in the 30+. In other words, he should have tried harder.

Mike Rav turned 24! Happy birthday, guy.

The gauntlet was not for the wussy, but it didn’t matter cause everyone had to go through it anyway.

There were only two major gauntlet related incidents — this dude who crashed and another who got hit in the face with an ice ball. What are you gonna do, guy?

Jared went all Rembrant with the beer cans. Don’t worry, they were cleaned up and returned for 5 cents each, which is actually how Mike Baker is paying to get home.

Apparently there are open container laws at Ragged Mountain, so please do not try to replicate this photo.

If you think this photo is cool, you should see Aaron Diamond’s ass bruise.