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With Superpark 18 going down in our backyard at Mt. Hood Meadows, the entire Yobeat staff was hyped to secure a coveted invite to the event. And man, were we gonna kill it! Not only were Stan and I ready to send it, but we’d recruited the boys from Shoulda Danished, Jeff Holce the Athlete, Oliver Dixon and even got Nagel to bring his camera. Media magic was about to happen and then… it rained. And the jumps were too big. And Nagel didn’t want to take out his camera. However, our ideas are still good and in the name of not wasting them, here’s the general idea of what we meant to do.

Oliver Doublecorks

The thing about Superpark is the jumps are fucking huge. And by watching everyone from 9 year olds to sketchy Europeans sending double corks, Oliver felt pretty confident he could do one as well. However, during our one run through the Superpark on Sunday, he didn’t even try.

Super Parking Lot

Before, during and after riding, the parking lot was popping with sweet pros, company RVs and even Jamie Lynn and Wes Makepeace jamming out here and there. Surely there was a video to be had here, but mostly, we just really liked the name.

The Snowboard Illuminati

Is it true that snowboarding is controlled by one man? We were determined to find out. Well, not that determined.

Getting showed up by 9 Year olds

Self Explanatory.

Breaking into the Industry This one was my favorite by far. Will and Dale came all the way to Superpark from Alberta and this was their big chance to break into the snowboard industry. I explained that the only way to really do it was by sleeping with someone. So they planned on propositioning every girl there (Desiree, Hana Beaman, Christy Prior, Laura Hadar and Denis Leontyev’s girlfriend) and each of them would decline but suggest maybe another girl would be down. After a few fails, they’d obviously end up going full circle, with no success. Unfortunately, the boys didn’t think this sounded as hilarious as I did.

Name Dropping There is a scene in the Devil Wears Prada where the assistant must memorize faces and facts about everyone at a party so she can tell her boss who they are as they walk up. I wanted to have one of the dudes introduce me to various same-named pros with the wrong factoid (i.e. confuse Jake OE for Jake Kuzyk), until they finally come to Pat Bridges, who even I know! Only then do I realize they’ve been fucking me over the whole time.  Jerks.

Board Caddy Every jump at Superpark is unique, so we figure having a caddy select the perfect board for the snow, speed, size and trajectory of each jump would be handy. Unfortunately, that’s as far as it went.

Instead of doing any of these things, we watched snowboard videos at Jeff Holce’s cabin, rode our snowboards and generally had a grand old time. If you ever get a chance to go to Superpark, take it. Thanks again Pat!