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Spring! A time for sunny days, park lines and of course, idiots throwing themselves into icy water in the name of the pond skim. In Oregon though, it’s not uncommon for late April to be neither warm nor sunny, and unfortunately at Mt. Hood Meadows and Kona Brewing Company’s 4th Annual Pond Skim, the mercury barely made it above freezing. Don’t worry, there were still a bunch of idiots willing to strip down and/or don ridiculous attire and get wet. There was a trip to Hawaii on the line, after all.

But we were there for one reason, and one reason alone: free beer. Kona Brewing Company had rented out the Grease Bus, stocked it with a couple of cases, and invited various VIPs to ride up the event. Anyone who knows us knows, free beer is not something we say no to (we also get excited by being referred to as VIPs). Though it may have been our longest day on hill with the least amount of riding, Longboard Lager and those comfy Grease Bus seats really treated us well.

It wouldn’t feel right to get a buzz without at least sharing the experience with you though, so we offer you this incredibly mediocre video of some of the highlights of the pond skim. Good times were had by all, but especially the people who didn’t make it across the pond. Nothing says fun like hypothermia!