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Now that I’ve finally made it (please see my interview referenced below) , I feel like it is only right to pass my success on to others. Yesterday intern and I went to Glenhaven to do “research” for the go211 spot checks we are working on. I had my little point and shoot camera and was randomly snapping shots, when i suddenly realized one of the young kids who was ripping seemed to be purposely doing so for me to take photos of him.


The photoshoot turned into a video shoot and intern said he “was going to get all Jon Holland on this shit!” Our new friend Kyle was shredding, and we got some ok footage. I figure a Youtube video was in order. Maybe he can use it to get sponsored!

Either way he called me this morning to go skate, and I told him we were going wakeskating! This should be fun.

Fake Spring

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Every year Portland does this. The spring fake out. For a couple days in the middle of winter it’s warm and sunny. I definitely fell for it this year. I mowed the lawn and even planted some flowers. I have my fingers crossed that when it gets cold again (which it will) it’s not so cold, or for so long that they all die. And of course the perk of fake spring is skateboarding! I did some of that and man was it fun.