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Sean Genovese_Classic japanese street portrait_Shinjuku,JP_Mertz 2012

Classic guy. Classic portrait. Photos: Alex Mertz

Snowboarding isn’t something that most people make a life out of. It’s not because the industry is too exclusive or any of that nonsense, it’s that even the most hardcore snowboarder will probably wake up some day with a job and kids and actual responsibilities, and not care quite as much. But luckily for everyone from the casual enthusiast to the hardcore kid sleeping in his car to make ends meet in a ski town, there are people like Sean Genovese. Sean is a lifer. Truly passionate about snowboarding, he’s set out to help keep the fun, excitement and interest in it for himself, and he’s willing to let you come along for the ride. As the founder of Dinosaurs Will Die, a long-time pro and former shop rat, Sean is the core of snowboarding.

Brooke: You run a core snowboard brand. What does that mean?

Geno: (Laughs) Ummm. Fuck, I don’t know. Core is a weird thing. I try to think of another core brand that I would consider core and then another that I would consider not core, but then when I do that I think that I am just judging and who am I to give a shit about that. Ok, a core brand or a core person is someone who literally does not have a care outside of what they are doing. They only try to appeal to them and their friends, which is the core. But it’s just the core to them, or their little bubble. So who’s to say that whatever brand over there that claims we do whatever, they are doing their thing, so it’s core in a different way. And that’s when you try to generalize snowboarders into one big lump sum and say “we are the middle, we are the center of it all.” You can’t really do that. As it grows, there is different segmenting so the core is growing but their are different types. There are people who ride over 100 days a year, you could be a bum and do that, or you could be really rich and do that. But do they pay attention to anything else? Are they doing it for themselves? True soul boarding? Is that the core? Maybe. Are they paying attention to contests, is that core? Is a video part core? It’s no different than filming figure skating, or filming parkour and putting it on the Internet, you know? Everyone takes it seriously and because we decided to take it seriously, now it’s cool. It’s like we all decided at some point that this was going to be cool.

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Photo: Keenan

When you’re not happy with your board sponsor in this day in age, there’s only one thing to do: start your own brand. Sure, given then current economic climate, and the responsibilities of running a company, it might not be the easiest proposition. But for Sean Genovese, it’s a walk in the park. Wait, no, I am lying. Sean is honestly one of the most random, out-there individuals that I’ve ever met, and the fact he is able to run his own snowboard brand is a testament to the fact that snowboarding is the world’s greatest industry. Don’t get me wrong, Sean is potentially the most fun human beings you would ever be lucky enough to snowboard with, and he’s doing things exactly the way he wants. So when will the Dinosaurs die? That remains to be seen. For now, just a quick interview with Genovese.


Domo Arrigato Mr. Geno. Photo: Mike Yoshida

So you are from Canada, eh?

Seems that way.

It seems like most people think of you as a freedom loving American despite your elongated ooos. Why? Do you hate Canada?

Is that what people think?

It’s what I think. Well, do you have any good border crossing stories from all the trips across the WA/BC border?

This one time I hopped a train, and had to hide in a manure pile during its inspection at the border, and they wouldn’t leave the car I was in, until they had finished their tea break. They made it mandatory for one year that all border guards drink tea on their first break of the day. It was an experiment to test how tea affected stress. When you spill hot tea on your lap, it doesn’t matter how calm you are at the time, you’re about to lose it. I couldn’t lose this dream I had been having about falling into someone’s mouth. I’ve fallen victim to this only once.


Fences, rules, Sean is interested in none of them. Photo: Yoshida

Speaking of borders, what’s the most trouble you ever got into a Borderline Camp in AK?

The usual nonsense that happens when you put kids in charge of kids. Why didn’t you ever come up to Borderline Camp?

Because I hate Alaska. While we are on getting into trouble, is it true you once slept under a board bag in the Circus Circus parking lot to evade the law?

A lot of things happen on the road out of necessity. There’s a YoBeat link for that.

Was that the same trip you drove from Vegas to Bellingham, only stopping for breakfast at Huckleberry’s in Gov’y?

I don’t usually eat breakfast, but it sounds like something that we would have done back then.


The Great White North. Photo: Alex Mertz

What did you get to eat and was it good?

Green eggs and ham, naturally.

Do you have any idea how far out of the way you drove for that delicious breakfast?

For green eggs and ham, How far did we stray?
That’s a fine question, ma’am. About too far I’d say.
… The missing verse.

How long did the trip take despite the detour?

That was a long time ago. 28 days? Or is that a movie?


Dropping! Photo: Yoshida

Which Genovese man is the most rowdy: you, your brother or your dad at your age?

My younger brother isn’t my age yet, so I guess it’s yet to be determined. When he catches up, I’ll let you know.

Despite all this rebellion and life on the edge, you manage to run a business. Why did you start Dinosaurs Will Die?

Why I started DWD… … someone had to do it?

What’s the story behind the name?

The name is a story. A very short story… 3 words to be exact. Where did YoBeat come from?

It’s what black people read. Fine you don’t want to give real answers so, are you the best Team Manager you’ve ever had?

Toughest and easiest all at once I’d say.


Same obstacle, different use. Photo: Alex Mertz

Which is better, riding for a shop, or dealing with a shop as a company owner?

Maybe the latter.

How’s the “recession” affecting business?

Recess is a good break from the day.

How long before you sell out to the man? Why haven’t you already?

Who is this “man?” Don’t think I’ve met him yet.

How do you expel all your emo-ness? Is it easier to make sweet art when you are pissed?

Hard to get a straight line when you’re pissed. I’d say it seems easier at the time, but then you wake up, she’s ugly, you’re hung over, and the “sweet art” just lost its flavor. Sure, there are exceptions now and again, though.


Knees might also die. Photo: Yoshida

How long has it been since you showered?

I showered myself with the gift of a mocha this very morning.

Despite your stench, do you ever score because you “look like a Greek god with your dark curly locks?”

Sports aren’t easy, you can’t score goals on curly locks alone.

As a long time rocker of floppy top style, are you happy the reservoir tip is back in, or do you feel like everyone else is biting your style?

Condoms are back in style? That’s good. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

As one of the Canadian fuckers who drives down to track out Mt. Baker, I feel like the least you could do is share one secret stash. Directions, now.

I believe you once told me that one of your top days of snowboarding was with me, at Mt. Baker. I must have shown you a few then.

Touche. Aside from yourself, who are you riding for?

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Product plug. Photo: Yoshida