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Sarah Morrison came to visit a few months ago, and we were reminiscing fondly over time when we used to make content for fun, not just for others’ enjoyment. From that came the idea for Thursdays at the Office, the hottest new series on Yobeat. The above episode was the first that we filmed, playing off an actual episode of The Office plot line, and making Sarah and I laugh hysterically. Unfortunately, the target audience of Yobeat not only doesn’t pay close enough attention to TV to get the Office reference, but doesn’t care about Sarah, or me, or anyone else in the episode. So it’s being relegated to here and I know all 7 of you will enjoy it!

REAL episodes of Thursdays at the Office drop every other Thursday or so on Yobeat.

A while back we said Sarah Morrison was too cool for us. Well that doesn’t mean we’re not still friends and that when she comes to visit we can’t make her do funny things like go on a blind date with Nick Lipton. We’ve had other “Nick and Sarah” collaborations in the past (different Nick) but I would say this is the best one yet. So enjoy a trip to every one’s favorite Portland eatery, Applebees, with Nick and Sarah.

It really, really is. http://cursebird.com/

I have been writing a lot lately. Just finished a feature that I have been “working” on for like 6 month. Now to write a magazine gossip column (pointless, I know.) It’s hard where there are so many awesome sites on the internet. Which if you haven’t check out the new YoBeat sub-site Act Like You Know, featuring none ofther than Sarah Morrison, do so now.


My friend Sarah Morrison is funny. We went to college together but we were informed we “would not get along” so I don’t think we ever spoke. Then one fateful day we were both visiting the same mutual friends in Portland, she had nothing to do and I was going up to Mt. Hood. I asked her if she’d like to come. Our friends all gasped as if the car might explode should we drive in it together. But as it turned out, Sarah and I got along swimmingly. We have since been BFF’s over a short stint in Burlington, VT, driven cross country together 3 times, and she’s lived in my garage on occasion.

The inspiration for this post is the three hours I just spent reorganizing her column, Best Week Ever onĀ  Yobeat. I decided since the column has been going since 2005, it was time to divide it by years. Mostly because Dreamweaver has a hernia every time I try and post the new one. So anyway, I recommend you all go read back issues of Best Week Ever and appreciate why it is that Sarah Morrison seriously rules.