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Yesterday was my 27th birthday. Even an old lady like me knows that if your birthday is on a Friday, you best be going out. So I did. While my vision was blurred, most of these pictures are out of focus because my camera was set on Macro for the past four days. Now that I am 27, I am old and wise enough to figure that out. Whatever, you get the idea.


This was my very wonderful birthday cake. The witty slogan was courtesy of Jared, but the baking and icing was all Lisa.


Derek took me to Sagittarius for dinner. This time I went with the deep-fried Garden Burger. Now how can you go wrong with that?


We went to the East Burn, where you and nine friends can drink for free for an hour on your birthday. Of course, you have to plan ahead for that, but they did give us a free round. The Koerners stopped by on their way to some show.


Derek was the best birthday motivator ever, and I am stoked Jen came, even though she bought me a gin and tonic and broke my no hard alcohol rule. I held it together though and everything turned out ok.


Luckily I took a lot of extreme close ups, since I had that damn macro thing going on. Pat came, but hung out with his girlfriend the whole time.


Ramon always manages to show up for my birthday. He was even there the year I did shots and ended up licking the wall at the Sandy Hut. Gross, i know.


Here’s me and Derek. Look how much fun we are having!


We migrated to Red Flag, where Jason was hard at work. Here he is making rice and beans. Good job.


Drew came by when he finished work. Miraculously, I was still there! But don’t worry, I left pretty soon after.


I think this picture of Pat really says it all!