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Rather than have my own children, I’ve decided to adopt. And rather than risk it with a baby that could turn out to be a total piece of shit, I’m just adopting Joey. He’s 17, really good at skateboarding, and generally stoked. This video is the first stop on our Saturday skate tour (#holidayweekendsareforsuckers) and if you want to see pictures of the second stop at the Brooklyn Street Skate Spot, which turned out to be way cooler, check em out on Yobeat.

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With only one Bonfire Pipe to Pipe event this year, I had only one chance to defend my second place title from last year. But I was determined. I left the on-snow in a hurry to get down to the Windells Concrete Jungle and train. I had my stunts down. I threatened the appropriate judges. I was feeling good. And then… the unthinkable. A bunch of other girls showed up. Some of them could actually ollie. I saw my dreams of back-to-back silver-medal goodie bags drifting further and further away.

The good news is this year there were enough girls we got our own jam session (not fighting it out with the ams) and even though I sort of blew it by trying too hard in practice, it was a grand old time. It also wasn’t even a contest, as Kristen Ebeling, in town from Seattle, crushed everyone else (nollie inward heel, what?) But much like the people at the event, I know no one cares about girls, so I’ll stop talking about that now.

After two heats of ams (the under 15 curiously more impressive than the over 15) the real show got started. Given there were two other skate events in the Portland area on Saturday, the turnout was good, with local pros such as Willis Kimble, Donovan Rice and Rion Linderman in attendance. While watching these guys skate B.O.B. last year was impressive, seeing them use the flowing, endless lines at Windells outdoor set up was fricken amazing. It was hard to follow everything, but as would be expected with a snowboard crowd, Rian Linderman’s Mctwists were the big crowd pleaser. The trick earned him $100 extra dollars as the best trick, and also got him third place.

Overall, it was a flurry of things that shouldn’t be possible when you’re not attached: over crooked grinds, airs, and flip tricks and 45 minutes of pure entertainment. In the end, Willis Kimble, former Grenade grunt, my cat’s nameskate, and the purveyor of the best mullet in the competition took top honors. Now watch the video, you’ll feel like you’re there.

Video by Jared Souney

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Everyone wants to be a skateboarder (except of course rockstars and Gods.) Luckily for me, I am totally awesome at skateboarding. That is of course, unless you put me in a video with people who are actually good. I guess since Jared’s video is arsty, I will forgive him for making my stunts look less cool by juxtaposing them against Ben and Scott.

Dude Ranch Mini Ramp: Portland from Souney Media on Vimeo.