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So I have big things in the works this week, but I may have promised someone the “exclusive.” Yeah, it’s that big. All will be revealed tomorrow, but for now, here is a picture of the Vegan Bakery employees in short shorts. Apparently they just all decided to wear their shortest shorts today, or something. I thought it was a joke, but last time I went downstairs they were still wearing them. Man, living in Portland is great.


PS. Sweet Pea Bakery is really yummy and everyone should eat there and have Allan (not pictured) make you an iced Americano.

Now that I’ve finally made it (please see my interview referenced below) , I feel like it is only right to pass my success on to others. Yesterday intern and I went to Glenhaven to do “research” for the go211 spot checks we are working on. I had my little point and shoot camera and was randomly snapping shots, when i suddenly realized one of the young kids who was ripping seemed to be purposely doing so for me to take photos of him.


The photoshoot turned into a video shoot and intern said he “was going to get all Jon Holland on this shit!” Our new friend Kyle was shredding, and we got some ok footage. I figure a Youtube video was in order. Maybe he can use it to get sponsored!

Either way he called me this morning to go skate, and I told him we were going wakeskating! This should be fun.

I have really been slacking on this lunch blog thing, but what with my busy schedule, I just haven’t had time to seek out new, awesome spots, and no one really wants to read about Panera Bread. But today I ventured to an old favorite, Slo Bar. What I didn’t take into consideration was this:


Yeah, that’s my favorite meal in Portland on the cover of the magazine read by all the wealthy and obnoxious Lake Oswego-types. So I go in, order my burger, and sit back excited to dine in the company of a few hipsters. But then I notice the people walking in. Three old ladies who are very confused about the parking situation. Some douche bag in a suit and tie who works “three blocks away and didn’t even know this place was here.” I hear the bartender tell another patron that the previous record of 1000 burgers in one month had been shattered by the 11th of June. Suddenly I remember pointing at the cover on the newsstand and saying “Yum, Slo Burger” and it all makes sense.

I made sure to let the bartender know I liked Slo Bugers “before they were cool” and he said they’d been getting that a lot lately. But it made me feel a little better, I guess.

Part of me is stoked. No more will I have to hear, “I am not hip enough to go to Slo Bar.” But also no longer will I be able to saunter in in the evening, sit right down and get my burger. I will have to hear a million stupid questions about the burgers, and how people can customize them. I will have to share the bar with old ladies and men in suits. I will have to feel like I am a giant cliche. All in all it will suck. But the worst part will be when they raise the price to $15. Stupid Portland Monthly.