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AAAAAHHHH – yes, that’s a cliff drop to start things off. Photo: Jared Souney

Not since the glory days of Vegetate has Mt. Hood Meadows put on a snowboard event of note beyond the Northwest, but on March 30th, 2013, Snake and Hammers was just that. Half slopestyle, half banked slalom, the event is the brainchild of Bobby Meeks, who used his influence and budget at Nike to design the ultimate test of snowboarding skill. This course especially required the ability to actually ride a snowboard.

Don’t be a pussy, this was actually the easiest part of the course.

Out of the gate, competitors dropped and 8-foot cliff into the first set of turns. After gaining some speed in the slush, riders got the choice of three rail features, then went straight into a 30-foot jump. One more turn and it was onto the “X-Box” or “Thunderdome” or whatever the hell you wanna call the Nike feature they carted over from Forest Park. On each of these features riders were given a score from 0-6 from influential judges such as Logan Fuquay and Mike Estes, based on how sick they got — a higher score meant more seconds were deducted from your overall time. Finally, a step down led into the last three turns, which were fast and loose and caused a competitor or two to fly violently into the snow fence.

Ben Lynch was disqualified shortly after this for doing an inverted aerial. Rebellion at its finest. Photo: Jared Souney

The Oregon sun was out in force, and the unseasonably warm temperatures caused many of the weekend warriors to stay in the city, but some 80+ riders turned out to compete. Each got two runs, although by the second run the field had already been thinned down to the most hardcore — either people didn’t make it back up in time, licked their wounds, or chose to just ride slushy side hits for fun. Some 60 people took another run though, vying for the fastest time and a slot in the 15 man and 4 woman finals.

In the Northwest, even girls can ride their snowboards.

Once the field was whittled down to the best of the best, each rider got one more run to impress the judges with their freestyle stunting, but mostly to negotiate the course and the highly inconsistent snow the fastest. When the complicated math was said and done, it was local boy Jeremy Nylund, who’s like 12, beating out the old men to take the win. Johnnie Paxson was also on hand to judge the best hammer, which went to Randall Wheaton for his smooth backside 7 Japan.

Jeremy Nyland, victory!

Though Snake and Hammers involved no actual snakes, it was a damn good time, and there was free food. All in all, a successful spring day, I’d say.



1.Jeremy Nylund 49.52
2. Jeremy Page 49.62
3. Max Warbington 50.02


1. Ronda Shanin 55.28

Most people just dropped out of the gate, sans any pop. This dude was going for style points though. Photo: Jared Souney

Ben Lynch, style master. Photo: Jared Souney

Wouldn’t be a contest in the Northwest without a few (hundred) methods. Photo: Jared Souney

The handsome men of Nike Snowboarding, Bobby Meeks and Jon Weaver, kept the crowd entertained all day with their witty rapport.

Again, this invert was against the rules. People die doing that stuff, ya know.

It’s hard to shoot photos of turning when there’s mandatory airtime on the course, but here’s one for good measure.

Max Warbington was in contention for the “hammer” award with this very 720. But he didn’t win.

No seriously, inverts were NOT ALLOWED. Taylor Carlton. Photo: Jared Souney

Apparently I’m just the right height to be an arm rest, but I let it slide because Johnnie was working so hard judging people.

Jeremy Nylund, hammering. photo: Jared Souney

Course maintenance!

Who gave Logan Fuquay any responsibility?

When Mike Yoshida, Max Warbington, Taylor Carlton, Cale Meyer, this girl who I’ve meet a bunch of times but can’t remember her name, Aidan Payson and Ben Lynch are there, you know it’s a good time!

Professional sugar fiend. Photo Andy Wright/Nike Snowboarding

You may think of Johnnie Paxson as that really, really ridiculously good looking Yobeat T-shirt model, or the kid who will backflip anything, or MFM’s protege, or the even “the Golden Pony.” (We’re not sure what that last one means.) No matter what you think though, he’s not only a damn good boarder, but a nice guy as well. After suffering a gnarly knee injury last year, the Oregon native is on the mend and finally back on snow. We caught up with him to eat some candy and take some runs at Timberline, and then asked him a bunch ridiculous questions about coming back from his injury, male modeling, meth and more. This is Johnnie Paxson’s second hump day, and while some things never change, a lot has, so read on to hear all about it.

Brooke: Does candy help you snowboard? What’s the most sugar you’ve consumed in a single sitting?

Johnnie: Yes it does. I try to eat it while snowboarding most of the time. It’s combining the two things I love most in life. It would be like if you went snowboarding with a cat, which you should probably try. It’s hard to say on the amount, but an unhealthy dose for sure.

Now that that’s out of the way, what did you do to your knee?

Last year, February 7th, I was in Mazama, WA on an Anon trip with North Cascades Heli. It was my first time heli boarding and it was super fun. Towards the end of the second day it got kinda icy and it was crust on top of pow and ended up hitting a tree. Dislocated my knee. Had surgery February 24th. It was supposed to be a year recovery, but I got back on the snow a couple months early — with my doctor’s blessing. He said it was ok if I take it mellow and slow to get it to where I need to be. I’m psyched to be back on snow, it’s hard to explain how much. I’m just so grateful to be able to snowboard again, and the fact that it feels so good is pretty awesome. I just don’t ever want to take a day of snowboarding for granted. You should never have a bad day snowboarding. It sucks that it takes an injury to realize that. There’s actually a lot of good things you can pull out of injuries, but the main thing is just how grateful you are to be back snowboarding again. I have the best job ever.

The calm before the storm in Mazama. Photo: Scott Serfas

Is it better than modeling?

Yes, definitely better than modeling.

Do you do much modeling anymore?

I just kinda got lucky with those few that I did and then I actually got an agent and ever since then I haven’t gotten any jobs. They always want the new fresh thing — so now that they can have me, they don’t want me. I have an agent in NYC and I go there every once in awhile, but it’s hard because it’s the top agency in the world and I’m the bottom of the barrel. I think you kinda have to like, live in NY to be there and go to things. At some point I might try to do more of it, but right now I’m trying to focus on snowboarding.

You could be an attractive older male model.

Maybe, I might just get uglier.

Ha! Yeah right, only women get uglier. It’s bullshit, really. Back to injury talk. How do you go about recovering from basically tearing your knee in half?

Well, Nike’s been a huge help. I go to Nike like three times a week and I have a physical therapist and a trainer, so that’s been huge. I’ve been doing that for pretty close to a year now, driving out there every other day and that and trying to stay sane not doing much of anything.

What have you been doing to stay sane — did having a house to work on help?

Well, I bought a house and started remodeling it, and then hurt my knee and basically had to live in the house with two rooms finished and the rest of the house basically in pieces, which kinda drove me crazy. But then slowly I was able to do more and started to be able to work on it more. That and just doing rehab. I don’t know, it’s hard, especially the extent of the injury didn’t allow me to do much at all. I’m a really active person, as are a lot of snowboarders, and it’s tough. You gotta have an outlet. It was rough there for a minute.

Going hard in the streetz. Photo: Andy Wright/Nike Snowboarding

Living in Gresham, unofficial meth capitol of Oregon, you could at least do that, right?

(laughs) Yeah…been cooking a lot of that stuff lately.

You’re joking right?

(laughs) Nah, business is great.

Good thing you’re snowboarding again.

Yeah, it was supposed to be a year recovery but I got started on New Years Eve/day was my first day on hill. I go three days a week to Nike and ride three days a week right now and in like a month or so I’ll get back to filming and trying to get shots, bro.

Grown up snowboard stuff. photo: Scott Serfas

Are you going to backflip off giant stuff to flat again, or are you kinda over that in your snowboard career?

Probably gonna have to adjust things a little bit, but it feels pretty dang good actually, so we’ll have to see. I’m gonna go on a backcountry trip first, ride some pow, see how it feels. Then try to hit the streets and just see. Maybe I’ll just have to build a little bit bigger landings, take a little more time setting things up. I don’t wanna leave street stuff behind quite yet, I still have things I wanna do. But I’ll probably do more backcountry stuff.

And you have a brand with Gigi Ruf, that probably helps getting into the backcountry. How did you get involved with Slash?

We were in Europe on the Absinthe movie tour and Gigi came out for a few days. He had been talking to me a little bit about it and I had just ended things with Rome, so it was perfect timing. He told me what his plan was and it sounded awesome to me, and you can’t really say no to Gigi, so… It just went from there and now I’m riding my first pro model and just finished my second one. You might have seen some leaks on Instagram and you’ll see it at SIA. The boards are super good and Gigi’s good to work with. I just tell him what I want with the boards and he takes it and does it.

Is business as good at the meth business? Which is more lucrative?

I don’t know, Meth is pretty hot right now.

Truth is, he gets high off snowboarding. Photo: Scott Serfas

So, you’re a family man now, is the rumor about a little Johnnie Paxson on the way true?

(laughs) A Janelle Paxson, yeah. I’m married now, I’ve been married for almost a year and a half and we have a little baby girl on the way. April 26th is the due date. Pretty psyched on that.

Is she and Gigi’s kid gonna get married some day?

Yeah, we might line that up. We’ve talked about it with a few different people. Scott Keating (Nike Snowboarding Sales badass) just had a boy too, so might do that. We have some options.

Arranged marriage seems like the move. And you want her to be good at snowboarding, right?

She can do whatever she wants, but yeah I’m gonna put her on a snowboard and see if she likes it.

What if she wants to ski?

That’s fine.

Are you sure? What if she comes home in a triple XL tall T and says, “Dad, this is how I wanna dress from now on.” How are you going to handle that?

I mean, I’m gonna try and influence her away from that as much as possible, but if she’s just enjoying the mountain the way she wants to, that’s basically all I care about.

The irony is, he used to wear tall t’s. But when you do stuff like this, whatever. Photo: Andy Wright/Nike Snowboarding.

Scotty the Body claims that you are his Vincent Chase and he is your Ari Gold. How do you feel about that?

He always says that, I’ve never even seen Entourage! But on some scale I guess, in his glorified version of our relationship, yes. Scotty’s always helped me out from the beginning, got me on Grenade back in the day, ironically, and now I’m on Dakine, he’s the team manager. Back when he was shooting photos I shot with him and we just kind stuck with each other through the last few years and it’s been good. Scotty’s a good guy.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever backflipped off of?

I backflipped off a three-story deck — backflip bomb drop, for some reason.

What goes through your head before you jump off three stories and do a backflip?

This will be cool, maybe?

Will it, though?

No, I don’t think it was that cool, but I just like to jump off of things. I used to like to do stupid things, but I’m over it. Only smart things from now on. (laughs) I gotta make this snowboarding thing last.

The camera loves him. And that background. Photo: Jared Souney

About that, when you suffer an injury like you did, do you worry about keeping sponsors? Were yours cool about it?

Luckily I have the best sponsors in the world, so they were super cool about it. It’s unfortunate, but it’s part of snowboarding and part of sports in general. I’ve had a ton of support from them, especially Nike, letting me use their facilities and trainer. It’s tough when you have an injury, especially one to this extent, to mentally come back from it. Just having that support and being able to just go to Nike and do the therapy. It’s hard to be at home and do your therapy, you’re just fighting depression and all that stuff, so it’s tough. Luckily I had a lot of support from all of my sponsors.

That seems like a good place to end it. Sponsors and thanks?

Slash Snowboards, Nike Snowboarding, Dakine, Anon, Mt Hood 26, Jammypack and 7-9-13. I’d like to say thanks to my sponsors and the people who like my Instagrams.

At this point we’ve seen enough boards, boots, bindings, outerwear and accessories that it feels like it’s already 2012. The boards have things like ollie bars, scoop bases and kick jammers (we made those last two up). Outerwear is more more tech (or in some cases less tech) and will hopefully keep you warm and dry on hill. You can get a goggle to match absolutely any outfit, and a helmet too. Bindings are more adjustable than ever, and boots are the lightest they’ve ever been. And collaborations are still hot. But what did we really learn at SIA? We learned what will sell this year. See the above pie chart for the highly scientific break down.

Now check the gallery for photos of new gear from Bern, Banshee Bungee, Holden, Salomon, K2, L1, Nike Snowboarding, Nitro, Ride, Rome and Technine.

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For someone who’s managed to blow out his knee, not once, but twice, Austin Smith has actually had a very blessed snowboard career. After two years out with injury, he’s got still got the sponsor support and to get back out there, and this year, that’s exactly what he plans to do. With accolades such as rookie of the year and video part of the year already under his belt, it seems unlikely that he’ll have any trouble. Just don’t expect him to throw any triple corks.

So you just got yourself a house in Portland, where young people go to retire… but you’re not hurt anymore, so how is that gonna work out?

I’m not coming here to retire. I still live in Bend, but I do a lot of stuff at Nike in the summer, so I just wanted to be able to come here in the summer for Nike. I still live in the Bend snowboarding for the winter. I’m not quite ready to work at a coffee shop yet.

What is it like living with the infamous Donny?

Donny lived at my house in Bend too before he went to Denmark, and now he’s living at my house in Portland and he’s Euro Donny. I’ve known him for a long time, everyone gives him a lot of shit, but he’s alright.

Why does he get so much shit? Who is he?

He came from Bend. He’s been getting shit forever. It used to be a lot worse when we were younger. Curtis and a lot of other people from Bend would pick on him pretty bad. There’s always the one kid in every group that gets the brunt of most jokes, but now he’s gonna do some great things with his life, he’s Euro donny. Euro Donny’s pretty cool.

Did you really make him pay for a new fridge?

There is no fridge, there’s a mini fridge. I’m waiting for it.

Rail boardin’ Photo: mark Welsh/Nitro Snowboards

So you really are a slumlord.

I guess so, yeah. I’m a total slumlord.

Why, why not be a respectable landlord?

I’m a respectable landlord. Curtis hasn’t paid me rent in like four months, I haven’t kicked him out yet. That’s pretty respectable I think.

Would you rather adopt an animal or a human child?

I don’t know, I really don’t like animals at this point. A lot of my friends are getting animals and it seems like too much responsibility. I think I’d rather adopt a human, but like a 19 year old, so they can sort of take care of themselves. A dog you always have to take care no matter how old they are, but a human at like 14, I can kick em out.

Is actually being able to snowboard this season cutting into any of the activities you adopted while out for the past two seasons?

No, now I actually have something to do with myself, I’ve had too much free time. I’ve been bored. So now it gives me something to do with my days and it’s been awesome. I just got back from Canada for two weeks.

What were you doing with yourself when you couldn’t ride?

I don’t even really know, it seems like it flew past. I went to Mexico for a month, I went to Panama for a month. That was weird. I’d never really been anywhere tropical so it was cool, except I realized I don’t really like warm temperatures and hot places, so that didn’t pan out too well. Then this last year I was just at Nike doing rehab every day. I’ve been snowboarding in the summer too, going to Argentina, I just haven’t been able to winter board in two years.

You’ve had sort of a whirlwind career: break out, win rookie of the year and video of the year, to two seasons on the bench. How are you going to make those two years of collecting paychecks for nothing up to your sponsors? Got anything big planned?

Come on, for nothing? (laughs) Yeah, I gotta start snowboarding again, I gotta get back into it. That’s what I’m doing right now. I feel fortunate to have the sponsors I have that have been willing to stand by my side while I’ve been hurt. If I rode for Burton I can pretty much guarantee you I wouldn’t be sitting in the same shoes — I would have been fired a long time ago. It’s lucky I have a good relationship with my sponsors and that they believe I can come back and do something mediocre at least.

Summer boardin’. Photo Mark Welsh/ Nitro Snowboards

Are you gonna learn triple corks?

Nah, Don’t think I’m gonna do any triple corks.

Straight to quad corks?

Straight quad corks! Nah, I think I’m gonna keep it at single corks I think. I dont know, The whole progression of snowboarding has gotten really weird. There’s so many advocates of “this guy is really good for the progression of snowboarding” and this is really good for the “progression of snowboarding” but I mean, where do those people really want snowboarding to go? We’re already doing, well not all of us, but some of the crazy people are already doing triples flips. What do they want it to progress to, five flips? The same with the city stuff, and the progression of city riding, people now, mostly Dan Brisse, are jumping over buildings and over streets.

All these progression advocates want people to do bigger and better things. Travis Rice is definitely one who is progressing the sport, and he’s been a real spokesperson of the double cork. Then you get people trying to snowboard with them, like Scotty Lago was filming for his new movie. I heard he just broke his jaw and knocked out some teeth and ripped a bunch muscles in his face and had to get his mouth wired shut. Is that worth the 4th flip and the progression of snowboarding? I don’t know? If it has to go anywhere I think it should go more where Jake Blauvelt and Lucas Debari are trying to take it. Just progress it naturally doing tricks off natural features and focusing on style still instead of just the number of rotations or number of flips or jumping over roads. Again, Dan Brisse. He could die. I would be scared if I was his filmers. Every time they hit record they’re like, “Yeah man, you got it” but they’re probably thinking either gonna get a hammer or a death hammer. Either way gonna get a lot of Youtube hits but not the kind you want maybe.

I just don’t understand. Where do they want this progression they talk about to go to? Just jumping from city to city or something? Seems a little crazy, maybe we should focus on the de-gression of snowboarding.

Are you just saying that for the sake of your own career so you don’t have to learn triple corks?

No, I don’t have to learn triple corks, no one’s expecting me to. No one probably thinks I could learn triple corks. (laughs) I feel no pressure to do any triple corks or anything.

How did you get hurt? Were you trying to progress?

I don’t have any glorious injury stories. I was snowboarding the mini pipe at High Cascade and I think I blew my knee out there, and then a year later I was playing capture the flag and did it again.

So far, so good this year?

Kind of. I haven’t snowboarded in three years, so still getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been on a couple rail trips with Bryan Fox and he hasn’t hit any rails either. We definitely feel a little out of our element out there, we get loose. I’ve taken a a couple spills, really working on my crash section this year.

Why go on rail trips, not just shred backcountry?

That’s just what I want to do. We were up in Whistler for a bunch too, but I’ve always admired people that have rails and backcountry — well rounded parts and that’s what I’ve always wanted to be.

Gap to 50-50. Photo: Mark Welsh/Nitro Snowboards

Well, you already went the fastest at the Dirksen Derby this year. How did that feel? Was that your first contest win?

No, I won America’s Next Top Pro Model a couple months before, so I’m on a contest roll right now!

What’s next?

Well, then I went to the No board contest and didn’t do so hot, so the roll is over. My fire is already out. But that was pretty cool to win that event, mostly just to beat Curtis cause I always picture him as a pretty fast person, and Bryan too.

Was it better than winning a car at a strip club? Did that really happen?

It definitely was better. Yeah, it happened. I still have the car. It was rodeo weekend in Bend and Bend, Oregon is a little bit redneck, lots of cowboys and haybails, so the rodeo goes off. At the strip club that night they had a redneck ball at the strip club with a redneck buffet — macaroni and cheese and Cheetos and I  forget what else was on the menu. There was a raffle for a free car. When I walked in I was like, “I’m gonna get that car.” I thought maybe it was for sale of something, but it turned out that they just gave away the raffle tickets, one to each person at the strip club. I had a pretty savage mullet at the time so I kinda fit in and I ended up winning. They were pretty excited, “the kid with the mullet won!” Then when I woke up in the morning I was like, woah, what happened last night, and then I put my hand in my pocket and was like “fuck, I won a car! I gotta go get that thing.” They actually wanted me to drive it home, they gave me the keys right there. Don’t drink and drive kids! So I went and got the car and it ran out of gas right when I rolled into the gas station. I was like I’m gonna have to tow this thing to the dump, it’s a junker. But she runs good. 1984 Pontiac Sunbird. I’m gonna try to have it in video part this year, jumping it over a building or from city to city, progress snowboarding through cars, I guess. Triple corking my car.

Game face. Photo: Geery

So you like to drink. How many times would you say you’ve woken up in your own vomit?

That’s a dangerous game. I don’t think I did that night. I think only twice maybe. Once on my 21st birthday in Japan, and then we re-celebrated my 21st birthday in Bend and I did that time too.

Sounds like Japan was a good time?

Yeah, that was while I was hurt and the dudes at Nike wanted to take me Japan with them to see all the retailers and it happened to be during my 21st birthday. Things got pretty weird there.

What’s it like being a pro snowboarder in Japan?

I think it’s toned down a lot from what it used to be. I hear all these stories about what it used to be, and I’m sure it’s still that way for Shaun White, but I think in general the Japanese are toning down on snowboarding. Even just up at High Cascade, I remember a few years ago there used to be a lot more Japanese and they used to be a lot more excited. I went there 5 years ago and it’s definitely changed a little bit.

Have you ever chugged wine in Switzerland and then danced in a fountain at a bar?

Man, my three most drunkest memories you wanna talk about. Yeah, first on my Nike trip. Nike trips are pretty weird cause it’s a pretty wide range of people. You have like Danny Kass, Eric Jackson, Laura Hadar and Justin Bennee. It’s a lot of people that don’t hang out regularly, as opposed to Nitro, we all hang out in the off season. Most of the Nike team we only see each other on Nike trips which makes for a pretty awesome time, usually. On that trip we got into a wine chugging contest and I chugged a whole bottle of red wine and then danced in a fountain all night. Yeah we really just the whole awkward Nike times. Kinda set the bar high there.

Are you actually Oregon born and raised?

No, I’m from Bellingham, Washington, near Mt Baker. I grew up there playing hockey most of my life with my hockey buddy Lucas Debari who is now a super star snowboarder. He got me into snowboarding and right after I started snowboarding I moved to Bend. Bend is really outdoorsy, lot a polypropaline and a lot of Tevas. A lot like Bellingham, but a lot sunnier.

What did your parents do for work?

My parents started the Bellingham food co-op; they worked there for 25 years. Then they moved to Bend and my dad bought a bookstore, so now he runs an independent bookstore.

So they’re just a couple of hippies, that’s boring, I heard a rumor they were carnies.

No, no, that’s my brother! He started a circus school for awhile. On an Indian reservation for the poor kids so they’d go becomes carnies instead of doing heroin, I guess. He lived in South America for awhile juggling his way through as a street performer. He’s a jack of all trades, he can do it all.

Can you juggle?


Does that help with your snowboarding?

Yeah, hand eye coordination. Except I can’t do handplants, so I guess not.

Liar! Photo: Mark Welsh/Nitro Snowboarding

You helped the design the Nike outerwear line? How was that?

I have a couple piece in the line I designed. It was crazy! You get to pick where the pockets are gonna go, what color the zippers are gonna be. It’s pretty exciting shit.

Do you think Nike will ever give you a reserved parking spot?

No. I usually take the Max out there, so I don’t even need it.

Got anything you’re exited about this season?

I’m really excited to film with Knutt Ellisason, filming with Videograss, big things expected out of him. And I’m going to Japan that should be fun. I’m mostly just excited to snowboard in general. Everyone is trying to go above and beyond in the world, I feel like you can still do cool stories and try to tell a little more about the story and the snowboarding and what you did instead of you went to the end of the world.


Nike Snowboarding, Nitro, Dakine, Smith, Airblaster, Active, Poler, CTI, Cobra Dogs, High Cascade.

Party Time Nate as “The Hoff”

Halloween is this Sunday. Do you have your costume picked out yet? If you’re like me, probably not, and on Saturday you’ll schlep on over to Goodwill and end up with whatever ridiculous getup is leftover. But this year, why not plan ahead a little bit (seriously at this point it’s only a couple days) and figure out what to be right now! To help, Party Time Nate donned several costumes made almost entirely out of snowboard gear you may very well already have, or at least if you have to buy, you’ll be able to use again before next Halloween. So this weekend, don’t settle for the same half-assed costume, break out your gear and get creative.

Costume Idea 1: Canadian

To complete the Canadian look, you’ll simply need to don all denim (a Canadian tuxedo, of course) and a Canadian flag. Put a tooque on your head, and you’re good to go. In this look, Nate is wearing the 686/Levis 3-Ply Jacket with Holden Stella Denim pants, and a handmade YoBeat beanie. We made the flag with colored pencils and a piece of white cardboard. If you really want to make this look official, we suggest drinking Kokanee rather than Hamms.

Costume Idea 2: Jed Anderson

Yeah sure, you could go as an unnamed “snowboarder,” but isn’t more fun to go as a specific snowboarder, such as Jed Anderson? Chances are, you already have this look dialed as Jed is easily the most imitated rider this season, but if not, here’s what you’ll need. A helmet (doesn’t matter what brand cause Jed doesn’t have a helmet sponsor, but Nate is wearing a Bern Berkeley) a hoodie so you can put your hood over your helmet, Ashbury Goggles, Nike Boots, and some nice tight pants. Please note, Nate is still wearing the same Holden women’s pants, but if you want to make it official, you’ll really need The Sissy Pant from Airblaster. And yes, dressing as Jed Anderson also counts as dressing as a Canadian.

Costume Idea 3: Scuba Diver

Put your base layer to use for this extremely comfortable costume. All that really matters is it’s tight and black, but to create this look Nate donned some women’s underwear. He’s got the DAKINE Realm 1/4 zip and Realm pant. His hood is actually the Coal U.H.B. and then a regular old mask and snorkel complete the look. Simple.

Costume Idea #4: Lumber Jack

You know you wanted a plaid jacket for this season, and here’s the perfect excuse to get one. Pair it with some jeans and a nice warm beanie, make an axe (they probably won’t let you in anywhere with a real one) and boom, you’re ready for action. Of course, Nate is wearing the Holden Women’s Matador Jacket so if you want to be a real lumberjack, something more manly might in order. The Spacecraft Watchman beanie completes the look.

Costume Idea #5: Rocker Dude

What better way to be metal this Halloween than with a YoBeat Bathory T? Nate’s headband is actually the belt from that Holden Matador jacket, and he’s still got on women’s pants, but any tight jeans will do.

Halloween Costume Idea #6: Mummy

The Airblaster Tereclava may very well be the most useful item you could get for Halloween. Here it is paired with a basic bathrobe and just like that, Nate is a super scary mummy.

Halloween Costume Idea #7: Sheep

See what we mean about the Tereclava? Add some ears and Nate is a sheep!

Costume Idea #8: Wrestler

Spacecraft definitely makes some zany facemasks, and the Tron Mask is a must have if you want to be a wrestler. Add some long underwear bottoms and take your liners out of you boots to make stylish wrestling shoes, and you’re set.

Costume Idea #9: Biker

Leather is hot for 2011, and with a few accessories, your faux-leather snowboard coat can turn you into the most badass biker on the block. Nate is rocking the Holden Motorcycle jacket with the same Stella Denim pant (although if you wanna go all out, some Leather pants such as the Strummer would be key) and the look is completed with a DAKINE Convertible Balaclava “converted” into a doo-rag. Add some Ashbury Day tripper shades for that extra badass element and ain’t no one gonna fuck with you.

Costume Idea #10: Astronaut

If you’re of the snow thug persuasion, or were a couple years ago, you can turn your over-sized snowboard gear into a spacesuit with little effort. The keys to making this costume work are less in the outerwear itself (Nate is rocking a two-year-old Holden Wallace Jacket and Bonfire Radiant Pant and you could certainly improve on the color combos) but the real kicker (no pun intended) is wearing your snowboard boots. While Nate has on the Nike Zoom Force One’s a pair of the DK Double Tongue’s would really set this look off. As for his helmet, it’s an old kitty litter bucket. Again, you could probably do better.

That’s all we came up with, but there are plenty more. This year, put in a little effort and maybe you’ll even win a gift certificate or something for how bitchin’ your costume is. Happy Halloween!

Since he puts the DK in DK Zoom, it seemed appropriate we interview Danny Kass right about now. But let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. After two weeks of phone calls, ichats, emails and @ replies, I finally tracked down Danny in Orlando, FL. Even then he didn’t want to sit down for an interview. Instead, he turned the tables interviewed me about such hot button topics as YoBeat and taking dude’s virginity. Eventually we got some dirt on him, and some solid life advice from an old dude that worked at the trade show. Don’t worry, if you don’t care what I or Danny have to say, there were plenty of blonds hanging out in the Grenade booth so you can just check them out in the background.

Video by Patrick Wieland