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The first night I arrived in lovely Orlando, Florida (Whether you are returning home, here on business, or visiting our world class attractions…) I went straight from the airport to BBQ Bar. Back before I developed my abhorrence towards bars and “going out” I really liked BBQ bar. It reminded me of college, and they always played good music. Now I just go there once per trip to Florida because I feel like a should. But as I was standing outside in the suffocating Orlando humidity, Yueng-Ling in my hand and surrounded with old friends I proclaimed that I wasn’t going to work so hard this trip. I was going to skate, relax, wakeskate for fun, and not stay up late updating websites.

Well, I failed miserably on that regard. Three days of trade show, with nights of editing photos and posting stuff to Alliance and Yobeat. Of course it was the week I was in charge of most of the Yobeat updates.  To make matters worse, the house I always stay at has a new, very loud roommate, who was sort of scary and cut down on my comfort level.

In the days between expo and the Toe Jam I tried to shoot as many photos as possible, since no budget makes it easier just to run my own photos, I figured I better take some. Instead of fun and mellow, this was tiring and hectic, although it did have its moments. And I’d say I got pretty lucky with some good shots. Bill told me at some point I could start calling it skill, but I like luck better.

After I was officially over it, the Toe Jam finals started. Three days of shooting photos, sun burns and fire ant bites. I got some good shots though, and its always good to hang with the riders, get the dirt, etc. Bill told me I could go down in history as the “mother of early wakeskating,” which is a scary, scary thought. Oh man, I was just told one of my internet haters thinks I use Alliance Wakeskate to “promote myself!” I guess he doesn’t know about this site.


Anyway, enough wakeskating. In other work-related news, I had to take down my page of links to Futuresnowboarding.com, because it now just redirects to snowboard-mag.com and none of the links worked anymore. I searched to see if they’d just moved the content, but no, none of my hard work lives on the internet anymore. Too bad I only downloaded about 3 of those stories like I had intended to before that happened. Oh well.

In better news, I had a shot in the new issue of Alliance Wakeboard that I think is my favorite photo I’ve ever taken. So enjoy.


Memory Lane

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I am sorting through four years of old photos, trying to make galleries for this here site. In the process I have learned a few things, the main one being that I used to be really terrible at shooting wakeskating. I mean, we are back in the 10d days (I am now up to 40d) but the focus, composition, and other basic photographic elements were not really happening. (I was just informed that I still suck at taking photos, sometimes I just get lucky.)

The good news though, is that I have come across a few photos that make me smile and think of the “good old days.” (yeah, two years ago.) The snowboard photos don’t really have the same effect, but wakeskating has changed a lot in the last few years. Here are a few of my favorite old photos I’ve come across.

Kyle Walton

This is Kyle Walton. Back in the day he was a lot of fun. Now he is trying to change the world and has become a lot less fun. I just emailed him this photo with the message “I miss you.”

Young Guns

Here is a photo of Nick Taylor, Reed Hansen and some other kid. These days Nick and Reed are pretty much the top dogs in the sport, but in ’06 they were just trying to qualify. And look how cute they were, pre-puberty!


One thing that hasn’t changed is Nick loves to grab my camera and take pictures. Back then Reed also was known to steal my camera, but now he has his own. Either way this photo was the result of that, I am thinking it was probably Nick because I imagine Reed was scared of boobs back then.