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You may not know, but Nick Lipton has a big boy job in the big city of Chicago. Sadly, long hours and no car or shred buddies have prevented him from actually snowboarding since moving there in fall 2010. But this week, Lipton is back in Oregon for a shred odyssey, and we kicked things off right, at Ski Bowl. Here’s how it all went down.

4:38 am Calls me drunk to tell me he doesn’t have boots or bindings.

5:22 Texts to say he is officially missing 3/4 of the required gear to snowboard.

9 sound asleep

10 sound asleep

10:36 sound asleep

Finally wakes up on the floor of his parent’s living room in a Ninja Suit. Juno dvd menu still playing. Decides on night riding.

10:50 Starts getting ready to come over.

11:30 Tests out the Ninja Suit poop flap. Decides it pinches a little.

12:09 Finds boots.

1:20 Shows up at my house, dressed in snowboard gear, Austin Will in tow.

1:56 Austin accuses Nick of pulling a major Jarad Hadi. Nick disagrees.

2:01 Announces in genuine disgust, “you know what makes me wanna drive, hamsters driving,” in regards to the Kia commercial on TV.

2:09 New board finally set up.

2:16 On the road.

2:21 Stops for gas. Go inside to see if “any of his work is in the convenience store.”

Realizes he is afraid of trees.

3:05 Joe’s Donut stop.

3:13 Buys Sno Park permit. Has immediate buyer regret for getting the day pass, not the annual one for $25.

4:03 Debates turning around to go home. Starts dreading putting on boots.

4:13 Arrives at Ski Bowl.

4:19 Has been complaining about putting on boots for six minutes. Determines snowboarding is gay.

4:30 Buys a ticket. Has trouble affixing it.

4:32 Preps for stunting. Wonders why people need edges.

4:40 Maybe on the lift.

4:41 Realizes he forgot his gloves in the rental stop.

4:42 Sees bunny. Decides it’s all worth it.

4:53 First run complete.

5:28 Successfully negotiates his first rail.

5:40 Makes thug gesture and announces, “still got it,”

Filmed exclusively with my iPhone

5:55 Decides he and Austin are probably the best people on the mountain.

6:10 Realizes it’s only 6:10.

6:12 I tell him the high back of his Rome lady bindings is broken. He decides that’s why he’s probably not riding as well as he should be.

6:23 Claims back 3.

6:40 Proclaims this is the longest he’s gone without a drink since 2008.

7:55 Realizes he doesn’t have pants.

8:17 Wants wants to keep boarding. Is out voted.

8:26 Is really upset no one else wants to go hit the black diamond, but settles for margaritas instead.

8:30 Claims “only invert of the day” for his rag doll over a boulder.

9:13 Hits the breaks in front of Full Moon bar and grill (a strip club.) Suggests it may also have food.

9:19 Stops at McDonalds for a tide me over.

10:15 Asks “why would any one get the taco when you can get the super taco?”

10:22 Laments the small size of the water glasses at La Carreta

10:42 Discusses his own knuckles for awhile. We lose interest.

Now that the cat is out of the bag about my first tattoo (sorry mom and dad!) I figure it’s a good excuse to post Suicide Girls-style pictures of myself on my blog! That’s what people who have tattoos do, right? I mean, I’m new to this whole thing, so you tell me. Also, being a writer and there being a ridiculous back story, I guess I’ll share that too.

I didn’t plan on getting a giant tattoo of Tyra on my bicep — or really getting a tattoo at all two weeks ago — but I had been casually tossing around the idea of getting a small cat tattoo for a little while. My dad said, it’s the crowd I run with, and I guess it is. I went to Chicago for the weekend to do some product testing with Nick Lipton, which we did, and you’ll be able to see soon. But the first day I was there consisted more of brainstorming than actual filming and after a few beers, the subject of tattoos came up. I mentioned I sort of wanted to get one, and Nick said, well, you gotta do it at least once, just to see what it feels like. Keep in mind, Nick has a tattoo of his coworker’s name on his ass that he got to prove tattoos don’t have to mean anything, so maybe not the best influence, but it sounded logical to me.

A few minutes later, I was at Tatu Tattoo on North Ave with this picture I took of Tyra in hand. I said I wanted to get it as a small line drawing on my arm, and the girl said ok, there’s four people in front of you, it should be about an hour. We went back to Nick’s house across the street to wait and pretty soon it had been well over an hour. Apparently the other tattoos were taking longer, and she called to say they were bringing in another artist and would be ready for me soon. About two hours later, I went back to meet Kenny Buck. I showed him the picture and he said, no problem, give me a few minutes to draw up a sketch.

About 15 minutes later, Kenny came back with a much larger drawing than I had planned on, but damn, it looked good. I told him I was thinking a bit smaller, but he said, “if we go much smaller than this, you’ll lose a lot of detail.” Now I don’t know anything about tattoos or tattooing, so I figured I might as well listen to him. He explained how he was going to make the head darker and the body lighter to mimick the depth of field in the photo and he seemed like he knew what he was doing, so I said, ok, just make it look good.

It took about an hour and a half, although the throbbing in my hand from having it dangle off the table made it feel much longer. I was doing ok though, until we got to the shading portion. Honestly, I had no idea he was planning on filling it in like he did, and holy shit, cutting skin over already cut skin does not feel good. But I guess that’s the fun of getting a tattoo, and it’s not like I could stop.

Approximately 4 hours after deciding to impulse get a tattoo, I had this. No, I don’t regret it at all and in fact, I’m really psyched on how it came out and that it worked out so well.

Check out more photos by Jared Souney after the jump. (more…)

Traveling, working, all these things make it hard to score deals. I was bummed I wasn’t able to take advantage of Safeway’s $10 off $75 coupon this month (also b.s., it used to be $10 off $50) and thought I was gonna miss out on a good Dove deal at Albertsons as well due to my trip to Chicago. But then, Nick Lipton needed to return some DVDs and we needed beer so we headed on over to the local Jewel-Osco. I grabbed the circular and lo and behold, it was the same sales as Albertsons! I never leave home without my coupons, so I was set. Then, as an extra bonus, I picked up the instore extra savings booklet and whaddaya know, there was a $3 off a 30 pack of PBR coupon in there (as well as other booze coupons.) This fact alone made me want to move to Chicago, but I settled for doing two transactions instead.

Transaction #1

1 each Dove Shampoo and Conditioner (On sale $5 each – buy one get one free coupon = paid $5)

1 6 pack dove hand soap (On sale $6.79 -$1.50 coupon = paid $5.29)

With tax paid $11.82 (tax is bullshit BTW) and got back a $5 catalina.

Transaction #2

1 30 pack PBR (on sale $12.99- $3 store coupon = paid $9.99)

1 pack Shaun White Stride Gum. (Unnecessary impulse purchase)

-$5 catalina

with tax and deposit paid $8.33

In total I paid $20.15 for $35.87 worth of stuff. Nick Lipton was not entirely impressed (it did take awhile) and said I need a new hobby, but he can suck it.

Now that Yobeat has grown into a multimillion dollar corporation and will soon be topping the Forbes 500 list, we’ve obviously had to expand. You’ve probably noticed our new intern popping up here and there, but we’ve also secured an office in the snowboard hotbed of Chicago. This weekend, while the underlings were covering a rail jam in Seattle, I hopped the private jet for liaison with Chicago’s top ad exec, Nick Lipton. We’re talking serious, high level executive shit here. JP-Walker-Hump-day, giant-ad-contract, Diamond-Donny-type business. Even though we’re charging things on our AmEx Black card these days, we haven’t forgotten about you, the little guy. In fact, we’ve decided to go where others dare not tread and fill you in on what really went down on the first annual Yobeat corporate retreat.


6:00 am. Nick meets me on the curb, fully dressed, still up from last night.

6:30 am.  I get some sleep. Nick reads a book by candlelight.

9:30 am. Nick tells me taking a shower is ridiculous.

11:03 am. Brunch. Nick has his first drink, a bloody mary, Chicago-style, which means including a lot of meat.

11:56 am. Couch shopping.

11:57 am. Nick realizes he hadn’t had a cig yet.

12:01 pm. Nick makes a joke at intern’s expense.

12:17 pm. Nick announces he is going to take a shit.

12:19 pm. After some prep, Nick actually commences taking a shit.

12:22 pm. Nick texts me to tell me how good it feels.

12:25 pm. Nick has his first cig.

12:56 pm. Strategy meeting.

1:05 pm. Nick tells me to text Burton marketing girl that he would possibly like to make sweet love to her.

1:15 pm. Nick tells me I’m weird.

1:59 pm. Go to return 4-day-old redbox DVDs, Nick smokes a cig.

2:15 pm. I decide to teach Nick how to coupon at the Jewel-Osco. Discover they have booze coupons in Chicago.

2:30 pm. Nick tells me I need a hobby.

2:37 pm. Purchase 1 30-pack of PBR for $9.99, thanks coupons!

3:05 pm. Drink first beer while watching Ross Capicchoni’s survival story

3:27 pm. Nick talks me into getting a tattoo. Walk across the street to make appointment for later.

3:29 pm. Nick smokes cig

3:36 pm. Nick notes usually he would still be sleeping on a Saturday

4:34 pm. More conceptualization. Talk a bunch of shit.

4:36 pm. Nick exclaims, “I’m a diva motherfucker!”

5:33 pm. Go back to get my tattoo.

7:11 pm. My tattoo almost complete, Nick decides he wants a tattoo. Settles for a cig

8:20 pm. Dinner.

8:30 pm. Nick tells me not to blog everything that happens tonight.

9:20 pm. Snowboard gear photo shoot.

10:45 pm. Top secret executive stuff


3:15 am. I find Nick passed out on a pile of snowboard clothes

9:55 am. Leave hilarious comments on snowboarding websites.

10:21 am. Commence hat test with a cig and bottomless bloody marys.

10:42 am. Editorial planning meeting. New idea: Yobeat personals. Target audience: nice, generous old men.

12:06 pm. Nick offers emotionally supportive device to a friend with possible cancer. “You can get a fake one.”

12:25 pm. Nick defeats me in a WWF grudge match at Best Buy

1:13 pm. Couch shopping

1:22 pm. Falafel stop at Sultans Market

1:55 pm. Watch SNL skits on hulu

2:08 pm. Commence actual product review filming

3:30 pm. Review first video. Nick realizes his own brilliance.

6:30 pm. Pizza.

7:15 pm. Super top secret mission to O’Hare international airport.

9:36 pm. Go to Nick’s cubicle to change for next test. Leo Burnett. 27th floor.

9:55 pm. Nick talks a man in $300 shoes into doing a kickflip.

10:39 pm. Beers at Rossi’s

12:28 am. Dinner. Old Style. Shots of Jameson.

1:58 am. Observe fight.

2:30 am. Realize there are 15 PBRs left.

3:00 am. Serious top level executive shit.

9:15 am. Nick wakes up. Goes to work.

Summer is winding down, which means it’s time to start getting ready for the season. Perhaps you’ve done this once or twice before, but this upcoming season isn’t just any season. No, this is the ’10/’11 season, which means there’s a long list of new products, trends and other important factors you must take into account when determining what you’ll need when the first snow flies. Never fear, your friends here at YoBeat have done the research for you, and starting now we’ll be dropping stories that will be your guide to success and glory this season.

In this first segment, we show you how to get a homemade tattoo. While yes, they may be permanent, prison tats are this season’s feathers, so you don’t want to be the only one in the mountain town without one. Luckily, Party Time Nate recently purchased a tattoo gun (slightly safer and more respectable than a ball point pen and a lighter) so we used it in our tutorial. While it is not required, a large amount of alcohol is not a bad idea before going under the needle, and if you already have some shitty tattoos, you’ll suffer less regret in the morning.

But enough talk, if you haven’t already, enjoy the video of Nick sacrificing his shoulder (further) to the altar of “being cool in snowboarding” and remember, if all your friends are doing it, it must be cool!


This year at YoBeat we really got into the Christmas spirit. We are like a family and we have a lot to be thankful for, plus, holidays make for easy content! Our greatest achievement this holiday season, however, was our holiday card shoot. Many lucky industry types have already had the above e-card delivered directly to their inboxes by Santa himself, but on this most joyous of holidays, we present to you the outtakes!


For this shot we were summing up our various roles at YoBeat. You’ll notice Party Time Nate drinking, Zimmerman taking a photo with his iPhone, Nick Lipton being a pain in my ass and me reading our 2009 media kit for some reason. I am the only one who doesn’t do any real damn work around here!


Nike 6.0 sent the various media outlets Holiday Snuggies as a gift this year. Zimmerman was most excited about it, as he is old, but we realized that we could all enjoy it as a group if we wanted!


No Photoshop tricks here, despite Zim’s impressive skills. I am really getting beer dumped on my head in this photo. Jerks.


Disclaimer: We don’t condone underage drinking, drinking and driving, or anything of the sort. But Party Time Nate doesn’t show up without a six pack and the Hamms really added to our creative spirit for the shoot. Just saying.


Should I be worried by the insane amount of joy on Nick’s face over the fact he is strangling me with a Snuggie?


Another priceless Nick face. This time he is showing the true fear he feels being this close to Zimmerman. It’s complicated. Don’t ask.


Both Nick and Zim seem to want to kill me in this photo. At least Party Time seems to like me, although that might just be the beer.


Please note, we did not get dressed up special for this photoshoot. We all wear stylish YoBeat shirts EVERYDAY! Get yours here.


Finally, here’s wishing you the best this holiday. Thanks to Nate, Nick and Tim for humoring me by doing this shoot, Jared Souney for taking the photos, all our other contributors, and of course, you, for reading. I still don’t really get why you do, but we appreciate it.

[media id=69 width=555 height=340]

Here at YoBeat, we try to keep things fun. But sometimes, between the hate comments, and me constantly telling Nick Lipton that he is a douche bag, morale can get low. So it was time for a little team building exercise, and luckily Mt. Hood Meadows had just opened its night riding facilities for the season. With Party Time Nate in tow, a few road sodas, and the desire to get rad, Nick and I set out on Black Friday 2009 to strengthen the bond that makes YoBeat tick.

A while back we said Sarah Morrison was too cool for us. Well that doesn’t mean we’re not still friends and that when she comes to visit we can’t make her do funny things like go on a blind date with Nick Lipton. We’ve had other “Nick and Sarah” collaborations in the past (different Nick) but I would say this is the best one yet. So enjoy a trip to every one’s favorite Portland eatery, Applebees, with Nick and Sarah.

It’s Friday, but it’s a special Friday because this one is concluding the most extreme week ever. Jared was smart enough to realize this when he pointed out (via his facebook status) that it was Shark Week and the X Games, which is a lot of extreme for one week. At the bar I realized this was clearly the cause of the recent earthquake in So Cal and I am glad I got out when I did…the cicadas can’t be far behind…


Since I do have the word extreme on my business cards, this was a big week for me. I spent last weekend at the S3 Super Girl Jam in Huntington Beach. I already mentioned it, but the new news is I linked all the stories I wrote for the event site here. I also wrote a little story about the event from Transworld Snowboarding’s new wordpress site so this link is going to show up on the comments there. neat. Anyway, go check it out.  


In the wakeskate world intern and I have been shaking things up.  After my recent office visit we agreed controversy is good, so I had Nick write the classic “sponsorship is stupid” article. I knew it would piss some people off, but I always fail to realize just how many people. As a result he has his own message board thread, which in my mind means he’s made it in wakeskating! So congratulations intern! Of course the kids aren’t concerned that he thinks sponsorship is stupid, just that he is a “fag” and that “he doesn’t wakeskate.” Either way that shit is driving traffic, so as long as they are talking about something.

X Games are going on right now and people keep asking why I am not there. My response is of course, why would I be there? Plus Jen is having a deck-warming BBQ. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.