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Despite having my professional-photo-taking significant other in tow, I opted to take self portraits.

My epic National Park adventure series continues with Redwoods National park. This time we were on the way to a rail jam in San Francisco and took an extra day to scope some big trees. Word to the wise: the end of October is a GREAT time to visit places that are supposed to be seen in the summer. No tourists!

It’s almost impossible to get the scale of these things without a person or something else for context. If you squint, you can see little Jared in this one.

Fisheye + redwoods = Awesome

If there was an opportunity to drive through a tree or otherwise view some tourist trap, we did!

Paul Bunyan is way bigger in person than you’d imagine.

The fallen trees are almost more impressive than the standing ones.

Forest vandalism.

Another selfie. This time accidental.

I went into a tree. Jared took a picture. I took a picture of him taking the picture. Pretty simple, really.

Nature, man.

Also on the 101, the ocean!