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Here at YoBeat, we try to keep things fun. But sometimes, between the hate comments, and me constantly telling Nick Lipton that he is a douche bag, morale can get low. So it was time for a little team building exercise, and luckily Mt. Hood Meadows had just opened its night riding facilities for the season. With Party Time Nate in tow, a few road sodas, and the desire to get rad, Nick and I set out on Black Friday 2009 to strengthen the bond that makes YoBeat tick.

I had a good three-week run of my list of 5 things more important/interesting than snowboarding, and I still plan to do them occasionally, but being honest, I haven’t really been paying attention to the outside world lately. Rather I’ve been perfecting my sales skills, running too many websites, and even doing a little actual snowboarding. But I know my 8 dedicated brookegeery.com readers demand new content, so here’s 5 Things I Did This Week.


1. 2009 Alliance Superlatives. In years past this has been a large magazine feature, but as you may have heard, times are tough for print right now. So with reduced page counts, the feature has moved online, making it my responsibility! Other members of the staff did many of the write ups, but I’ve been posting them up each day, and even wrote all of the wakeskate rider awards myself. Check out co-Wakeskater of the Year, Most Improved and Rookie of the year, up so far. The video and “funny” awards are coming next week.

2. Opening Day at Meadows! It’s sort of weird when you are too busy writing about snowboarding to actually go snowboarding, but this week Mt. Hood Meadows opened up and I dropped everything and made it happen. Actually scratch that. I wasn’t smart enough to leave my phone in the car, so I spent the lift rides dealing with various crisis as well as making the above documentary about Timbro. Be sure to check out the post on YoBeat where you can read all about his first day last year and realize how amazing this day really was.


3. The Make Out Web. This is honestly a story eight years in the making. You can get the whole history of the web itself in the post, but it took me this long to figure out how to do it tactfully. I think it came out well, but I’ll be honest, the real thing was WAY better.


4. Lunch blogging. We’re still eating our way up and down Hawthorne, although this week included a few off days due to snowboarding and a failed attempt to go to the non-existent west side of Hawthorne, but I did make it to the Barley Mill Pub, Burgerville and Thai Spoon.

5. Sell, Sell, Sell. It helps that YoBeat has officially caught on and people are realizing the value of online advertising too, but my new found responsibility is quite time consuming! Luckily I’ve hired two very awesome interns, who are helping me with with a bunch of the tedious stuff, including migrating all of YoBeat’s old content to WordPress. So thanks Amy and David for all your help!

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Last year, Timbro had his worst first day of snowboarding of the year, ever. He wrote all about it, so you can get up to speed. This year, Meadows’s opening day came much earlier than last, and unlike last year, Timbro was there. Since this opening day thing is officially getting old (and yes, we know it’s still early November) we’ll let this mini-documentary do the talking. This is what you missed in Oregon on 11/11, but don’t worry, there’s plenty more to be had!


I love digital photography. Preston Strout recently told me I was the first person he ever saw with a digital camera, so it’s not like this is a new thing for me, but now I can’t even imagine shooting any other way. My four or so film cameras haven’t so much as been picked up in years. But there’s one thing that I still haven’t really mastered with digital, and that’s filing them in a way that I can easily find old photos when I need to. Ok, I have a lot more things to master than that, but I really suck at organiziation. Which brings me to the title of this here post. I now have a folder on my desktop called “Chickens and Boardin.” Inside are pictures from snowboarding this weekend, and of chickens from the frat party I accidentally ended up at. It makes sense now, but down the line I somehow don’t think I am going to be able to locate the pictures I shot for an upcoming YoBeat story when I need to. There is really no point to this story so I will stop now. Here are pictures of chickens and boardin. (more…)

Somehow I got on Nike 6.0’s media list. Well actually I know exactly how. When they were just starting out, someone emailed YoBeat and asked for our address. I have been getting random packages ever since.

It’s a good list to be on, as special overnight deliveries have included a rad screen printed poster, a tube of orange shoe laces surrounding an actual pair of shoes, and other rad, random stuff. It’s usually artsy enough that you keep it around, and you frequently see the pieces on display at the offices of magazines and the like. Basically, it makes me feel cool and legitimate to receive these items.


However the latest Nike 6.0 Holiday trinket leaves something to be desired. A few days ago a bottle of hot sauce with a Nike 6.0 labelĀ  showed up, wrapped in a fed ex envelope. The concept was actually pretty good, instead of Tapatio it said Tapa6.0 and has a funny kids face (probably someone on the team) photoshopped over the usual senor…Where this one fails is the execution. The photoshop job is poor. The label is just printed on a regular ink jet printer and you can see the glue from where they took the old label off. I mean, thanks for the hot sauce, but compared to past mailings, this is a true testament to the ecomony. Especially when you take into account the chocolate shoe I got last year!


I hate to doom and gloom about the economy, and honestly, I feel like a lot of people are using it as an excuse. But I did find this to be a funny example of how bad things may be. The best way I found to combat it is to not think about it. Going snowboarding is a great way to do that. Here’s a write up of today’s mission on Snowboarder.com


Not only is blog the worst, and most ridiculous word in the English language (yep, it’s acceptable in Scrabble), but I am obsessed. Like, more obsessed than I am with online scrabble (and as I’ve already made one reference in this post, you can see that’s a lot.) Friday I went up to Mt. Hood with no intention of journalising in any way. I didn’t even bring my camera. I was going to just ride for fun, because it’s the holidays, and I don’t feel like anyone who is paying cares about homey shred sessions.

As it turned out, Friday was pretty much the best conditions I’ve ever ridden at Meadows. We rode all day with sweet pro shred Darrell Mathes, and there were even a few runs with one of the morons from Jackass. Most importantly, it was deep as hell and I rode for an unprecedented four hours. The whole time all I could think was, man this would be one hell of a blog, and I could probably even get paid for it. So now I know, never count out blogging as a possibility. As sad as it may me, I’ve gotten to the point where if I can’t blog it, I don’t even want to do it. Pathetic really.

Later that night Jen had a Pot Luck to which most people brought no pots of food (lots of crackers and beer.) I almost forgot, remembered 20 minutes before I was supposed to be there, whipped up some pasta primavera (thanks 30 minute meals!) and still managed to be one of the first ones there. My favorite Portland blogger George and I swapped college stories and talked about the internet, and thank god he was there shooting photos so my skate session in a dress will get blogged.

I awoke today to find it was still snowing in Portland and my flight to Vermont was cancelled. I am rebooked on one tomorrow, but not feeling super confident that will take off either. I’ll be sure to blog about it either way!


I guess technically Sunday was the first day of my season, but I don’t really want to count strapping in twice and falling dramatically both times as a day. So that means today was my official first day of the season. Ridiculously late at the fault of the snow, not me, but at least the gondola I was on didn’t fall down.

Meadows opened up Sunday, but I spent yesterday dealing with trying to get my studs put on. Newsflash: the day after the storm is not the best time to try and get this done. Every soccer mom and moron in a Kia felt the need to do the same so that they’d safely be able to make it to the mall for the next day or two the roads are bad. Four hours later, the place I went decided they didn’t want to put on just two studded tires after all (something about it being unsafe) so I left in a huff and went to the sketchy place first thing this morning.

The goal was pick up my pass and make a few turns. Meadows is nice enough to have given me a media pass the past few years, but I am always skeptical of how long it will last. It doesn’t help that they always spell my name (differently) wrong, but I managed to score for one more year.

Today turned out to be the perfect day to ride anyway. Bluebird and “very cold,” which in Oregon means low 20s. Since it hasn’t gotten above freezing since the storm, the snow was soft and perfect and there were still a few slashes to be found. Jen and I traversed and got extreme one run and took a few mellow cruisers. Caught some air, grabbed my board, and got compliments on my goggles from the “kids.” Successful first day I’d say.

Vegging Out

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Josh Dirksen

I went to my first Vegetate ever this weekend. Since I have no real perception of time and the passage of time, I don’t remember the first time I heard about Vegetate, but I guess it must have been when I moved to the Northwest for college. I don’t know, because I remember hearing about it and it being kind of a big deal, and it doesn’t seem like I was in college THAT long ago. Sort of like Spring Loaded used to be when Terje and Brushie would show up. Well, it’s not a big deal anymore. The only “name” there was Josh Dirksen and he didn’t even compete. Oh, and I saw Nick Dirks in the lodge. Oh and the “superpipe” was about 12 feet tall.

Despite being a small, amateur contest, and me being so big time, I definitely had fun. Jeremy 2 and I took some runs, found some powder stashes, and I got the shot (more or less.) Actually we timed it perfect, showing up with enough time to take my requisite 3 runs and roll up right as finals started. So good times.

If you wanna read more in depth stories, may I recommend the one I wrote on Future, or perhaps my blog on Fuel.tv? And now it’s time to start going to warm places.