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A mere two weeks into his summer-long mission to exist in a van in Gov’y, Stan messed up a 360 on a side hit, sent it to his shoulder and broke his collarbone. Despite my explanation that collarbones are basically a useless bone and he should get a sling and head back up there, he’s too hopped up on pain killers to be of any use. Which means in order to give you, the public, the full experience this summer, I packed the van with Jared, Lemmy and Intern RJ and headed up to face the front lines myself. Here is what I discovered.

DylanThompson_DarcyBacha-640x426Dylan Thompson. photo: Darcy Bacha

1. The Brown Snow is Ok!

A lot of people have been noticing that the snow is looking awfully brown, awfully early this year. With all the gloom and doom about global warming, I wanted to set the record straight, so I asked Hood’s longest standing snowboarder, Tim Windell the deal. While yes, the brown in the snow is dirt, it’s not coming from the ground beneath the snow, rather blowing in off the nearby rocks. The windier the weather, the earlier the brown out. Tim predicts this will be an especially dirty August, so good to know if you’re into that sort of thing. And for the worrywarts like Al Gore, there’s about 180 inches of snow under the camps, so never fear, summer boarding isn’t going the way of the dinosaurs (yet.)

jakeJake Blauvelt enjoys a delicious volcano cone.

2.Pro Spottings.

As usual it’s a who’s who of snowboarding up there. If you’re into pros, the top dogs you may spot lurking right now include Jake Blauvelt (who’s nephew is also going to High Cascade), Leanne Pelosi, The Helgasons, Temple Cummins and Barrett Christy (their eldest son Colt is enjoying his second year at camp) and more. Speaking of little brats, Red Gerard and Toby Miller can be seen frequently terrorizing the streets on bicycles.


Red Gerard gets the full hook up. Everyone else gets a deal too!

3. Street Vending is fun!

We posted up the Stan-less Van with some of the new Yobeat apparel including tanks, koozies and five panels (also available here) and harassed away. When High Cascade owner Kevin English walked up I thought we were busted, but he let us continue to pedal our wares. Thanks Kevin! Based on sales, we’re pretty sure the koozies are the must have accessory for summer and people definitely want to shut up and get rad while party boarding. Look for the van up there again soon and get your own gear, or pick some up at yobeatapparel.com

Colton, Jesse and Andrew on the way to make the drop.

4. RIP Drake Aron Edwards

Since July 10th was Drake’s birthday (if you don’t remember he’s the High Cascade counselor who tragically passed away in a car wreck last winter) it was only appropriate to premiere Colton Morgan’s movie D.A.E. Under Dawgs, which was made in tribute to Drake. A board signed by everyone at High Cascade and more was also presented to Drake’s brother. As for the movie, we’ll it’s tons of awesome boarding by some of your favorite up and comers. “It’s about friendship,” Colton said, but when unable to explain what the meant Jesse Gouviea chimed in. “It means, riding and filming with people because you want to, not because you have to.” The movie will be out on DVD soon eventually so the rest of the world can see. However, when asked what a DVD was Colt also had trouble explaining.

Wanna pick up babes in Govy? Get a puppy. Colleen Quiggley and Leanne Pelosi agree.

These dudes should take notes. Ben Bilocq, Johnny Brady, Ted Borland and Chris Cloud.

The world needs more 10-year-olds talking shit.

As a recent college graduate with no other real responsibilities this summer than to go snowboarding at Mt. Hood, review the latest and greatest snowboards, and make videos,  Nick Lipton certainly has a pained existence. Especially when his mean old boss (me) decides to come snowboarding and see why exactly it is so difficult being Nick Lipton.

9:30 am. I find Nick passed out in all his clothes on a love seat in the Burton house.

9:45 am. A hungover and grumpy Nick peels himself off the couch.

9:50 am. Flirts with the girls at the HCSC office.


9:55 am. Orders a bagel sandwich. Must be reminded to fill out the card, but finally succeeds.

10:00 am. Recaps his night. Includes: Margaritas, cutting down a tree, and being rescued from a night of sleeping in the woods by Burton’s social media manager.

10: 20 am. Drives to the hill.

10:31 am. Decides he should start a rap career because he knows a lot of dirty words.


10:36. Arrives at Timberline to find the parking lot is being repaved and his normal, illegal spot next to the lodge is full of equipment. Argues with the parking lot attendant, who expects him to park on the road, really far away. Nick tells him that sounds really inconvenient. “If you didn’t have a car, you wouldn’t have to park down there,” the guy responds.  Finally, Nick decides to park in his normal spot, despite the construction. Gets the thumbs up from a different guy. Win.

10:38. Power nap


10:54. Realizes it is cold out and all his gear from the previous day is still soaked. Opts to go change inside.

11:15. Cig.

11:20. Explains how long the line would have been if we’d gotten here earlier.


11:30. We are finally on the lift!

11:32. Sharing the lift with Jonah Owen, Nick discusses how cold he is.

11:45. In line for lift number 2, Nick discusses the absurdity of ski racer’s outfits.

11:50. On lift number two, Nick talks about how difficult it is having an Intern, and how much drama it has caused in the cool-guy high school snowboarding community.

11:55. First ride down, checks in with diggers at High Cascade.

11:57. Flirts with Desiree.

12:00. Realizes the rope tow isn’t running. Spends a solid 3 minutes debating options.

12:03. Follows Gabby back down to Palmer lift.


12:17. Butters.

12:21. Arrives back at the top of High Cascade to find a cloud has taken over camp.

12:25. Slips the pipe.

12:28. Stands around at High Cascade with pros. Comes up with several brilliant ideas, does none of them.


1:14. Sneaks a snus and doles out life advice to Mason and Louie.

1:20. Watches skiers hit the giant kicker at Windells for Sammy Carlson invitational. Witnesses someone almost die on a front flip nose grab. Decides to ride.

1:25. Rides the now-running rope tow.

1:35. Hits the down tube, twice.

2:00. Realizes it’s too foggy to film. Decides to call it.

2:15. Hits the public park, below the clouds, and decides to film.

2:20. Three unsuccessful attempts at 5-0.

2:35. Sees Shayboarder. Tells her to “get out of town.”

2:45. Sick stall on the public park wall ride.

2:55. Back at the car. Whines that we have to go to the K2 house before he can get a Cobra Dog.

3:15. Changes on the streets of Gov’y.

3:20. Impresses Sean Tedore with his homemade T-shirt.

3:30. Cig.

3:35. Makes me buy him a Cobra Dog. All beef boa, all the veggies.

3:40. Throws something at Ben Bogart.

3:50. Done with his Cobra Dog. Back to the Burton house.


3:55. Sits around for a while. Plays some video games.

4:05. Takes a shit.

4:07. YoBeat content meeting.

4:15. I leave. Presumably nothing else happens for the rest of Nick’s day.

11:15. Texts me to tell me he has no story to post for today.

So that was Nick’s day. He claims his terrible hang over made this day more miserable than usual, and that the day before he worked really, really hard. I will attest the weather was not ideal. It was probably better that way, because the Lipton experience should be a pained one, and we all now have a better understanding of the man that is Nick Lipton.

If the past few weeks of “summer” are any indication, there’s a good chance that your Hood trip this year is gonna get rained on. Windells session one had a banner two days of sun, and with High Cascade starting up, it doesn’t feel like things are getting better anytime soon. But don’t worry, there have been “rain days” since the inception of summer snowboarding, and even though you came here to work on your double corks and goggle tan, you’ll survive. Here are a just a few of the tried and true ways to ward off boredom on rainy days.


1. Go snowboarding anyway. Yes, you may want to wear real snowboard clothes, and you’re gonna get wet, but summer snowboarding in the rain is a lot like winter snowboarding in the rain, only warmer. Plus now that everyone has a waterproof Gopro, you’ll still be able to get all your sick moves on film!


2. Movies. This summer has all the requisite blockbuster pictures you could possibly want, and since people who’ve been in Gov’y longer than you have probably already been down to see every single movie playing in Sandy, they can tell you which to hit and which to skip.


3. Skateboarding. If you’re going to Windells (or have the ins) rolling around in the foam pit, I mean, skatepark, at B.O.B. is a favorite past time on a rainy day. If you’ve got no ins, head down to Portland for a Department of Skate session (or maybe it will even be dry in the city.)


4. Mall time! The Llyod Center mall is awesome for creeping on girls, gluing quarters to the floor and watching people try to pick them up, or even playing dress up. There is also in ice rink mid mall, which unless you’re from Mall of America country, is somewhat of a novelty.


5. Drink. Only if you’re 21+, of course. And certainly not if you’re under the supervision of one of the fine camps! Granted, this may leave you at a loss for something different to do at night (may we suggest more drinking?) but you’ll probably pass out early anyway.

If you are not going to snowboard at Hood this summer, and feel somehow slighted by the fact this post is biased towards those who are, may I offer this video of Yard Work gone wrong in my backyard to cheer you up?*

*totally just an excuse to post this funny and completely-unrelated-to-snowboarding video on YoBeat.

grove nuts

If you’ve been to a Northwest snowboard event, or you’ve been lucky enough to go to snowboard camp at Mt. Hood, then chances are you’ve indulged in a Cobra Dog. Who would have thought snowboarding and hot dogs would go so well together? Cory Grove, that’s who! A former photographer, team manager, Cory can now be found inside the Cobra Dogs trailer, serving up delicious tubular meat to hungry snowboarders. So you have to wonder, how does he make it happen? YoBeat set out to find out.

YoBeat: So when we met, you were a photographer. How did you go from that, to hot dog sales? Were you really that bad at shooting photos?

Cory Grove: Yeahhhh. Right. Well, I don’t want to toot my own horn right off the bat here but my first ever photo published was a Transworld Snowboarding cover. TOOT TOOT, beeeyatch. One of TWO COVERS I might add. I hate you. No but seriously, I just got super burnt pretty fast on the politics of the industry. It was at that point where it was just becoming a very serious business and it was totally ruining everything I loved about it, and my only option to save myself from getting burnt out was getting out of it. With hotdogs I have no competition or standard to follow. It’s amazing!

YB: Why even bother to hang around the snowboard industry?

CG: Well, as kooky as it can get, snowboarding has given me an amazing life, amazing adventures, tons of free booze, and really great friends.

YB: Where did you come up with the name Cobra Dogs?

CG: Well, shit, I always kinda flounder on that question. I really don’t know, I think me and Jesse Grandkoski (who I started it with) just made of list of things we think are cool. Snakes made the short list and then it went to different kinds of snakes. Cobra won in the final match. I honestly think it was the first time I smoked pot since high school. We may or may not have been stoned.

YB: What’s in Cobra Sauce? How was it invented?

CG: Well that main ingredient is ketchup. Mixed with a very precise ratio of mayo, rooster sauce and a couple others I can’t talk about.  Again, may or may not have been stoned.

YB: Do you really hate ketchup?

CG: Oh hells yes. The devil. When I make the cobra sauce or am filling the ketchup bottles I throw up in my mouth. I hate tomatoes in general. Always have, always will. In Chicago if you ask for ketchup they will punch you in the face. I might start doing that. The worst is when I see someone put it on eggs. Oh god. Let’s just move on here. Sore subject.

YB: Ok, are you getting rich off hot dogs?

CG: Shit no. It’s expensive to run with rent, utilities, overhead, and we use really good quality dogs from a local company so I pay a lot more than I would at Costco or something. But I would rather have good food that I can stand behind then some shitty Oscar Meyer weens. I don’t need much to be happy. I am not motivated by money. I live a very basic lifestyle. I don’t buy dumb shit, nice cars, I have never owned a TV or any crazy game console, and I have never had a credit card. 95% of stuff in my apartment I either made myself or bought at a thrift store. I also eat at home and get most of my food from farmers markets. I have friends with assloads of money and it seems like it’s more stress than it’s worth. Mo money, mo problems. As long as I have coffee, family, and Wittlake’s porch I am good to go. My only vice is bikes. I spend too much money on them.


A man, and his Field Notes. Photo Geery.

YB: What is it like being poor and hanging out with a bunch of people who’ve totally cashed in on snowboarding?

CG: Again, I see people with money and they seem way more stressed. My poor friends are never jealous of our rich friends but our rich friends are super jealous of each other. It’s a motivator to stay poor. Not all are like that though and it can have its advantages. I do like seeing some people cash in. Peter Line for instance. I love traveling with him and seeing the looks on peoples faces when 2 dudes that have not showered in some time and looking totally haggard step out of an Escalade. Priceless. I also have 2 friends that I grew up with that went on to Jackass fame and make more money than a pro snowboarder. That’s amazing to me. Getting paid to just do really dumb shit. I love it.

YB: So, elephant in the room. How do you think the industry will react to finding out you are fathering a lesbian love child?

CG: The people that know me will understand. And if I ever start caring what the industry thinks I am hanging up my apron.

YB: How did you end up being chosen to father your friend’s child? If I were a lesbian, I would definitely want someone taller, with a better job that hot dog sales. Just saying…

CG: I know right? That’s what I would think as well, but I am not asking questions. It’s a dream come true for me. I like kids but I like them for about 2 hours and then I want to clock out so this is perfect for me. I mean, I will probably spoil the shit out of it, but I can just go home later and surf the Internet or play Jenga with some bros.

YB: Was it weird having sex with a lesbian?

CG: Whoa dude. This is at least a couple years away but it has been seriously talked about for a while. I even ran it by my mom and she was stoked. So yeah, I am not a father of a lesbian love child yet. I am just the designated boner donor for the future.


Would you let this man father your child? photo: Geery

YB: Well on a similar note, do you think it will be anything like hugging Andy Forgash?

CG: Nothing will ever compare to that. NOTHING. I can’t even explain it, but I told someone the other day that was like watching a dolphin being born. A perfect combination of gross, and beautiful.

YB: Are you concerned about the Swine Flu pandemic and how it will affect Cobra Dogs business?

CG: Pig Pox? Yes and no. People are tripping balls about it and getting wayyy too worked up. But if they have even a speck of brain they would know that you can’t get it from eating pork. Besides, our main dog (the All Beef Boa) is all beef. I also just read a story that in Canada a farmer gave swine flu to a pig. NO JOKE. How is that for irony?

YB: So you can’t get Hamthrax from eating pork?

CG: HOLY SHIT! Can I use that? Ryan (the marketing dude at Volcom) said I should have a “swine flue” combo meal. Maybe Hamthrax can be a new sauce?

YB: I think i stole Hamthrax from the Vegans, but yeah, all yours. If pig pox doesn’t put you out of business, any plans to expand?

CG: Yep. I am actually looking at spots now here in Portland and talks could get serious about one at a rad little ski hill in Washington. I told myself I would not do any kind of expansion for 5 years from starting the biz to see if I still liked it and just so I had everything dialed in and wasn’t jumping the gun. This is my 5th year and I am 100% in love with the brand and am totally married to it. I am probably more exited about the brand now than ever. I really do love everything about it and taking on a challenge is rad and scary at the same time. I think we started with $700 and to see it grow and take on new things will be amazing. It’s full steam starting now.

YB: Don’t you get sick of being at summer camp?

CG: I used to. I work 13-hour days for 2 months straight so it has a burn out factor for sure. But 2 years ago I had that moment of realizing how lucky I am to be doing what I am doing and now I look forward to it. It also helps to see kids that are so stoked on snowboarding. I love it and it keeps me going seeing the passion that they have for the sport and the pros. It’s why I started snowboarding and it’s why I still do. And you also have people like Preston Strout (part owner and camp director of High Cascade) who works 18 times harder than anyone else and is still happy as a clam. I’m also really serious about dodge ball so that keeps me going.

YB: What’s awesome about camp? Why should people spend their money to get their money to get their kids there in these tough economic times?

CG: Well, dodge ball. Also, this kinda goes back to living within your means that I was talking about. If you want something you can make it happen. You might just have to cut down on buying cool new shoes and nice things. The economy is bad but it’s also (like swine flu) hyped a little too hard. If their parents can’t afford to send them to camp they will mow lawns. Kids that have been to camp before will go back and probably do anything they can to go back. It is also very important to support small companies like Cobra Dogs and Volcano Cones that are there because they love what they do.  I can’t stress that enough. I go out of my way to get everything from local companies from our hotdogs to small things like business cards. I also grew up with a single mom that didn’t make much money. I worked a landscaping job and ate Little Caesars Pizza at the same time to buy snowboard gear. Little hard work won’t kill yah. Suck it up, brats!


YB: What is your relationship with Aaron Draplin? Is he the coolest human being alive, and why?

CG: Draplin does all my design work and designed the new logo. He is in fact a total fucking badass and one of the best people I know. A freedom fighter. He makes me proud to be alive and to be lucky to live in this fine country and have what I have. He is fighting the good fight and we need more people like him. Let’s be honest, he also owns 4% of Cobra Dogs because I can’t afford to pay him.

YB: Since you’ve been involved in snowboarding for at least 35 years, what are you thoughts on the current state of the sport?

CG: Eat it, Brooke. I’m not that old. Oh god. I have to find out how to answer this without writing a book. Wow, ok. Here we go… Snowboarding right now I think is in a very vulnerable phase of its growth. This is one good thing about a shitty economy is that smaller companies are prospering and the bigger ski companies are really getting a reality check. I think that has a lot to do with smaller companies that started with basically nothing already know that they have to be frugal and be more creative with marketing instead of just throwing dollars at big name riders and calling it good. Seriously. I can’t even get going on this subject because I would bore you to death. Let’s end it with….. support small companies and shops. They are VERY important to this sport.

YB: So hot dogs and snowboarding are important to you, but what do you do for fun?

CG: Pretty much just work on and ride bikes. It’s not uncommon for me to build a bike and sell it right away just so I can build another one. If I didn’t have Cobra Dogs I would probably work at or own a bike shop. A bike shop with a coffee shop inside of it. I race bikes as well. What else, hmmm, I still really like shooting pictures. Mostly of just random stuff like cats and bums.

YB: Riding bikes huh? Was that you I saw speed past the office in Spandex the other day? How can you feel good about wearing that stuff?

CG: Yeahhhhh. That’s a hard one. First of all it’s called MANdex. I really try to keep it stealth and have nobody see me but this town is small. It is usually just fat people that make fun of me and I have a comeback for that. But I race with Louie Fountain and he shows up to the race in cut-off Dickies and a T-Shirt and smokes everyone so it kinda nulls my spandex argument, so I just came up with this new one….. It’s kinda like snowboarding. You could wear jeans snowboarding (and some do) but you are way better off wearing really stupid looking full print patterns and bandanas that keep you warm, right? In bike racing you don’t look funny in spandex to another biker, but to the average joe you do. With snowboarding you don’t look like a complete tool with a bandanna and huge gortex jacket to another snowboarder but to the average joe you do. Suck it, Brooke. I hate that you even brought this up. NEXT QUESTION.


Snowboarding, iPhoning and hot dogs. Serious business. photo: Geery

YB: Fine, let’s get serious, how do you think Obama has done on his first 100 days in office?

CG: This is another one that can get really long and boring because once I get started you will want to punch me in the face. I am so burnt out on politics on a national level right now and am trying to focus all of that on local issues in Portland. Let’s just say that I have never had more faith in this country than I do now. I was really happy for Obama to win but more stoked on America electing a young black man by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. It gives me faith. George Bush was such a fucking buzz kill and lots of people lost hope in America. If you would have told me 2 years ago that Barack Hussein Obama was going to be president I would have said you are on acid. I would have also said that about me wearing spandex. America is truly a great place.

YB: What’s one thing you would like to see him accomplish in his term (and how will it benefit snowboarding)?

CG: Health care. It blows my mind that we call ourselves a civilized nation and we don’t have that for at least our kids. People have talked the talk on it and I hope he is not just doing that. As for snowboarding……. I hope he makes it law that you can’t get sponsored unless you can do a decent method.

YB: What’s it like living in PDX, and why haven’t you left?

Well, I was born on the Oregon coast in a little fishing town Astoria. You know, GOONIES, Kindergarden Cop. NBD.  Raised in Portland. I love it. It’s a very liberal place as far as you can have the craziest business, idea, whatever and people don’t look at you funny or judge you nearly as hard as you would get judged somewhere else. The cost of living is cheap. Tons of farmers markets, bikes, nice people, and just in general a very sustainable place to live. I have traveled the world over and this place still blows my mind every day. However, It could do without the beard/mustache/moped/motorcycle/fixed gear craze. And I hate to say it but the girls here are don’t like you unless you have one of those mentioned or you are in a rock band.

YB: Do you think it’s weird that Portland is the new industry cool?

CG: Not really. It is kinda annoying when people move here from (just as an example) Colorado, or California and they talk about how much better it is there than Hood or Portland. I love that when you can just say, “no it’s not, you wouldn’t live here if it wasn’t better there.” BAM, argument won!  As far as companies being here, I’m totally cool with it. Most of the companies here are pretty rad. I have no problem with anyone bringing creativity and jobs here. It’s actually a really nice thing to have just for the sake of getting free stuff. If I want a new ninja suite I just go to Airblaster and Holden if I need a new jacket. I just lurk in the office till they get sick of me and give me what I want so I will leave. I have been perfecting this system for years. Sometimes I will just “randomly” happen to show up at Bonfire when it’s lunchtime and 9 times out of 10 I will get free lunch out of it.  And where else would you have an office (yobeat) above a vegan bakery and vegan grocery store doing an interview about hotdogs? YES! Hitler was a vegetarian you know. Just sayin.

Follow all of the Groveman’s exploits on cobradogs.blogspot.com and go buy a tshirt.

Daily Thoughts with Cory Grove