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You know what the problem with an amateur contests is? The riding is by a bunch of amateurs. Ba-dum-bum. That said, on May 4, 2013, Lib Tech and Snowboy Production’s Kinko de Mayo was hardly a “contest” at all. More like a session between a few Bachelor hardcores who weren’t distracted by the fact it’s already summer in Oregon, and some pro dudes putting on a demo.

bundy1Ted Borland gapped to this rail at least 1000 times, or whatever the Mexican equivalent of that is.

Mt. Bachelor provided the rail set up, consisting of four rails of varying sketchiness, while Krush Kulezsa and Jesse Burtner provided the on-mic entertainment, consisting of mostly Three Amigos jokes no one got. There was a Squirt Pit (actually just a hole in the snow filled with soda) and banana salsa at the top and bottom of the course to keep competitors hydrated and sustained for all their early outs, zeaches and even the occasional make. The media circus was mostly focused on the pros — Brandon Hammid, Ted Borland, Sam Hulbert, Max Warbington, Blake Paul and other totally sponsed dudes who rode side-by-side with the locals, before taking on the challenge of selecting a winner.

aaroncardwellLast year’s victor Aaron Cardwell was among the “just having fun” sect, but since he’s pretty good at snowboarding, it was fun to watch as well.

Feel-good session or not, there were 8 riders that stood out at the end of the mayhem, and the judges underwent much deliberation to decide that first place belonged to Kevin “Kornbread” Cummings. A close second was Jeff Deforge who came all the way from the east coast for this shit, and Kenny (the contest was held on a first name basis) in third. They all got more free stuff than the dudes that “just had a good time” and seemed sufficiently stoked on the honor. But don’t worry, much like a second grade party, everyone left with some sort of free stuff, cause there are no losers here, right mom?

hammidDon’t let Brandon Hammid’s bare chest fool you, it was actually kinda cold for a Mexican-themed celebration, but when you give as few fucks as he does, whatever.

connorSince the theme of this event is kinks, there were several to negotiate.

squirtstallNormally, the beverage of choice at snowboard events is beer, but since this one was fairly wholesome, it was all about Squirt.

jeffdeforgeIt seems like it would be scary to hit a rail with the likes of Brandon Hammid baring down on you, but Jeff de Forge seemed ok with it.

maxandblakeThis Yobeat post would not be complete without a head shot of Max Warbington and Blake Paul.

bundy3Dude, did anyone get that?

hammidsquirtReally not sure why I bothered continuing to take photos after snapping this one. Moment, captured.

burtnerJesse Burtner attempting to decipher the official results.

winnersAnd the winners, left to right: Kenny, Kornbread and Jeff.

DAY 1 | DAY 2 | DAY 3

Imagine if you went to High School with only people you truly liked and enjoyed. Then you graduate and move on, only to see a few of those friends regularly. Well, this year’s Dirksen Derby is the 10 year reunion of that High School.

On December 14, 2012, the best people in snowboarding (yeah, I said it) gathered at Sunrise on Mt. Bachelor to test out the course, place some side bets, and get warmed up. The real event hasn’t even started, but things are already shaping up for the best snowboarding “contest” of the year. The red course is tight (ride it like a skateboard) and the green course is all about letting loose. There will be thrills, spills, and even the girls have to qualify this year. If you’re here, see ya on hill, and if you’re not, stay tuned for plenty of pictures, videos and inside jokes all weekend long!

From the desk of Josh Dirksen:

Men’s and Women’s Qualifier on Saturday will be as follows: All Men and Women racers (14-49yrs) have one run down the course of their choosing. The top 25% of the racers down the Green line and the top 25% of racers down the Red line will qualify for the finals on Sunday. Don’t miss your run! The lower your bib number the earlier you go!


And since we know you like video, our man Russell Winfield has already made one! Oh, and he happens to be hanging out with Terje.

DAY 1 | DAY 2 | DAY 3

This dude didn’t qualify, but hey, he got his picture on Yobeat!

A wise man once told me, it takes five years for any sort of business to really work. And while the Dirksen Derby may not be in the business of much more than raising some cash for Tyler Ecklund and bringing a smile to his face, in this 5th year of the event, that prophecy has proved to be true. The event has been gaining steam steadily since its start, but this year, there is no doubt it has arrived. What does that even mean? Well, for starters, Terje was there. In fact, there were so many heads I sort of lost count, and that’s not including the usual suspects — Wittlake and Bfox, Austin Smith, Jake Price, Curtis Ciszek, and of course, the entire Dirksen family.

Dirksen and his dad.

The course took six days straight of ten dudes digging, and is not for the casual enthusiast. Two side-by-side slalom tracks that lace through the trees feature some seriously tight turns. It’s definitely a more technical course than last year, and a few doubles and straightaways let you get just enough speed to come flying into the berms way too fast, added to the fact the northwest snow was nice and crispy in the shade, made for plenty of near misses between rogue snowboarders and the huge media presence at the event.

Not a make. Jason Hume.

Today was the qualifiers in the men’s division, as well as a mandatory splitboard qualifier (twice up and down), in which 100% of the people qualified. While this may seem unnecessary and torturous, it was actually a chance to let Tyler participate on his sit ski. Needless to say, some people tried harder than others.

All of this is just to put a smile on Tyler’s face.

With the regular favorites in the field, and the likes of Terje, Jake Blauvelt and more cued up for the finals tomorrow, it should be a good race. More importantly, at least one, if not two people are going to end up with stupid hair-dos. The Tre Squad’s bet will don the loser with frosted tips, while whoever goes the slowest out of Curtis, Austin and Jake will be subjected to the hairstyle of the other’s choice. As you can see, this is a super serious contest, and thanks to extra sunny skies, is off to another amazing start. If you’re anywhere near Mt. Bachelor, do your best to make it out for the finals. You don’t need credentials, or any sort of carbonated corn syrup to enjoy this event.

Shayne Pospisil. Not making it, but who cares, it’s artsy!

Serious preparations. Blair Habenicht (2nd) oh and that’s Terje.

mmm. Chowda.

Dirks and Lynch, at odds over who would win. It was Ben, if we’re talking about who went fastest.

Price got iced. (We think he sort of enjoyed it.)

Terje at the start.

Nope, this did not look fun.


Qualified Through to Finals:

1 Dustin Anderson 00:57.47
2 Blair Habenicht 00:57.63
3 Martin Ciszek 00:58.27
4 Tucker Andrews 00:58.71
5 Knut Eliassen 00:59.14
6 Jason Robinson 00:59.47
7 Forrest Devore 00:59.52
8 Ralph Backstrom 00:59.70
9 Terje Haakonsen 00:59.74
10 Ben Lynch 00:59.80
11 Max Warbington 00:59.80
12 Blake Paul 01:00.07
13 Gus Warbington 01:00.15
14 Matt Edgers 01:00.20
15 Blake Geis 01:00.20
16 Chris Luzier 01:00.32
17 Jeff Blaylsk 01:00.74
18 Alex Yoder 01:00.85
19 Vincent Remmel 01:01.01
20 Corey Caswell 01:01.43
21 Sam Taxwood 01:01.65
22 Spencer Schubert 01:01.68
23 Adam Sather 01:01.71
24 Luke Strong-Cvetich 01:01.75
25 JD Dennis 01:01.77
26 Jay Kelly 01:02.12
27 Nick Dirks 01:02.14
28 Ami Voutilainen 01:02.24
29 Forrest Burki 01:02.26
30 Adam Short 01:02.31
31 Skylar Thornton 01:02.34
32 Johnny Brody 01:02.40
33 Evan Sanderson 01:02.42
34 Clint Vezie 01:02.43
35 Shane Stalling 01:02.43
36 Wade Dunstan 01:02.44
37 Tim Eddy 01:02.51
38 Kyle Martin 01:02.52
39 Cale Meyer 01:02.58
40 Gray Thompson 01:02.80
41 Adam Shick 01:02.86
42 Donny Stevens 01:02.90
43 Ben Connors 01:03.01
44 Ryan Gossett 01:03.03
45 Ryan Boyes 01:03.13
Timing error Graham Mueller (qualified for Sunday) 00:54.71 05:55.55 06:50.26
Timing error Joseph Friedrich (qualified for Sunday) 05:55.55 00:32.15 06:27.70
Timing error Jake Blauvelt (qualified for Sunday) 00:33.54 05:55.55 06:29.09
Timing error Kevin Eichner (qualified for Sunday) 05:55.55 00:29.22 06:24.77

Download a pdf of the FULL RESULTS HERE