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Tyler L’Heruex and some herb.

It’s easy to write off the Northeast with a simple “no one gives a fuck” but here’s what most people won’t tell you –The East Coast doesn’t give a fuck about you either. What those who call the East Coast home do give a fuck about is having the best time ever, and March 18th, 2013 at Loon, the stars aligned for the 13th annual Last Call. The sun was shining, and it was only sort of cold. The open container laws were unenforced, and the gondola line was a who’s who of snowboard semi-celebs. If you missed it, you missed out. End of story.

In the past 13 years, the dudes from Eastern Boarder have grown and shaped Last Call into the ultimate celebration of East Coast spring snowboarding. Now a well-oiled machine, it starts with a “big air” portion, moves to a rail conglomeration and then ends up on the classic wallride set up. The Loon Park crew is known for its creative set ups and this event is when everyone in New England gathers in one place to enjoy the fruits of their labor. And now, without the US Open, it’s also the biggest event of the season in the East, so that’s something.

brian the girl
This is a pretty solid nose press for a girl. Brian Skorupski.

It didn’t hurt the attendance record that the East Coast has bustling with activity this past weekend. The Lib Tech crew was still hanging around after the Near Canada Open. Forrest Burki was there with his cane and camping chair. A bunch of the O.G. Blue Lodge crew were in attendance reliving their college days and the current Plymouth State contingent, many of whom you know better as Keep the Change were going for it as well. STUMPED was in town from Mass,  and the Carinthia Crew showed up to represent for Vermont, and there were probably a bunch of other people that someone cares about I’m forgetting.

ted lavoie
Ted Lavoie shoots the gap.

As for the snowboarding itself, the name you really need to note is Tyler L’Hereux. While I’m not sure if he was drunk or not, I am sure he rode the hardest in the top two sections and was awarded with some cash for each. When the party went down on the wallride feature — an hour or so it was a free-for-all with dudes and chicks coming from every which way — Shaun Murphy was given top honors. Another notable highlight of the day was Nick Julius’s back 10 double cork, which earned him the coveted Ass Award. For most people though, this event is about friends and day drinking, so you’ll have to excuse my cloudy memory of rest of the tricks.

The day concluded with the WUSR Sub Arctic Challenge, a snowboard triathlon that includes a snowboard race, foot race, and beer shotgunning portion. Top honors when to Andrew Mutty, who may not have been the fastest drinker, but he did make it down the hill first. While there was some concern over how much of the beer ended up on his shirt vs in his stomach, the rest of the drunks really didn’t put up much of a fight, and that is pretty much the most fitting end the event.




1. Elin Tortorise
2. Mary Rand
3. Amy Gan



1. Tyler L’Heureux
2. Shaun Murphy
3. Travis Nuenhaus

And since our galleries are broken, here’s a bunch more photos, blog style! Warning: many of these captions were written under the influence of alcohol.

Cole St. Martin answers the call of the yeti.

There’s nothing funny about this photo, it’s just a good hand plant from Pat “the eYe” Bridges.

dylan ojo
Dylan Ojo, or “Dojo” as he’s fondly referred to, seems to have taken a liking to Loon, and the good news is, Loon likes him too.

Geno from the Beano is concentrating really hard on this shit.

Most people didn’t see him, but Dly9 was there.

All jump shots look the same so we’re not putting many in here, but this kid was killing it all day.

Lost in Translation or Fear and Loathing in Loon. Whatever. Forrest Burki was ready for just about anything.

kevin court
We thought this might be Kevin Court aka Gravedigger, but now we’re not so sure.

This one is definitely Gravedigger and considering he was bleeding at the previous event, looks like he’s doing pretty well.

merrick joyce
This is either Merrick Joyce of Nick Julius. Same difference really.

mike rav
Live free or grab nelon. Mike Rav ain’t scared.

nick doucette
This chimney tap is made extra impressive when you take into account that Nick Doucette is definitely drunk.

reis and rego
Two zeaches, one rail.

tarik blowers
There are way too many offensive things to say about this photo of Tarik Blowers. Let’s move on.

ted borland
Derrek Lever approves this backlip from Ted Borland.

travis neuhaus
Travis Neuenhaus mctwisting his way to the podium.

This is probably the heaviest Zak Wilmot will ever look.

zak hale
This is probably the worst photo of Zak Hale ever published, but you guys, he was in New Hampshire!

Preston Strout handed out a golden claw to Merrick Joyce for snowboarding well, or something.

Some east coast OG legend shit — Preston Strout, Tom Johnson and Kevin Susienka.

And some new East Coast legend shit — the ‘Goons, Dr. Brendan, Dylan Gamache and Marcus Rand and Lemi, in one photo. The Internet can stop now.

Travis Nevehaus was actually awarded the best jumper prize, but here’s a picture of him on the rails instead.

Ahh, spring in New England. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining… if there was an emoticon for a record scratch I would insert it here. While yes, the name Last Call sort of insinuates the snowboard season is over, after the best snow year in recent record it’s far from it, and spring-like conditions were not on the menu for Eastern Boarder’s annual event. The good news is, it was cold enough to stay snow all day, not rain like had been predicated, so that’s something.

The East’s finest don’t give a shit about crappy weather, slow ass snow and no visibility though. Half of them didn’t even bother wearing goggles. At one point Big Mike Gonsalves hit the wall ride thing with his shirt off.

As my dad would say, “big air.”

As usual there were three sections: Jump, Rhythm section (which sort of lost its rhythm due to the quickly falling snow) and rail set. The course was actually pretty gnarly, even without a slush blizzard, but luckily, there were some gnarly dudes there. There was also an impromptu high ollie contest, sponsored by K2, who apparently makes skateboards now. It made total sense, don’t worry.

As we’ve learned watching Loonatics, dudes like Mike Rav, Johnny O’Connor and Tanner McCarty are real, real good. In the end though, Merrick Joyce had the best overall performance and took home $1500 for his efforts. There were also best trick awards for $200 a pop and all three girls who rode got money.

Mary Rand, now $200 richer.


$200- Best Trick
Jumps- Travis Nevenhaus
Rhythm Section- Tanner McCarty
Rails- Rob Hallowell

High Ollie- 38”
Rob Hallowell
Rile Nickerson

Best Trick
Johnny O’Connor Cab 270 FB- 180 BS Sameway 270

Most Entertaining
Big Mike

1- $800 Michaela Aaronson
2- $400 Jordan Parks
3- $200 Mary Rand

1- $1500 Merrick Joyce
2- $1000 Mike Ravelson
3- $500 Zack Normandin

And the gallery… apologies for the lack of names but Tommy J didn’t want to come back to my parent’s house to tell me who everyone was. I pretty much just knew Rav and Riley Nickerson, so whatever.

no images were found


Two times the kicker action! Geery photo.

Attending three east coast events in a row this week made me realize something. I miss the east coast. This place is great. Sure, the snow SUCKS, as I was reminded while riding glare ice at Waterville Valley. And yeah, the mountains are small. But the people rule! YoBeat’s east coast contest tour wrapped up at Loon for Last Call, which like the two events prior featured all-out shredding mayhem and an announcer talking shit and telling people how mediocre their performances were.

I could never imagine the announcer at and event like Vegetate or the Pipe 2 Pipe saying over the mike “that was terrible, you pussy” after a rider dropped. Sensitive Westerners would balk and the person would be nixed from the mike almost immediately. But on the east coast, someone else just grabs the mike to reiterate or add another witty insult. And frankly, that’s what snowboarding needs. The east coast has it right.


Chelone Miller gets inverted. Geery photo.

Of the three events this week, Last Call was definitely the biggest. Like the Spring Loaded of yore, the entire east coast snowboard community gathered to shred their faces off on Loon’s perfect set up. I realized this might be sort of a big deal when registration was filled with people desperate to register. But whether you scored a yellow goggle tag or not, everyone was welcome to ride all day. And after two days of mid winter conditions, it was also finally spring.

Much like yesterday’s Back to the Boneyard, the event was broken up into three sessions, one on each obstacle. First was the kicker session, then the “Agro Crag,” a huge hip/box/gap conglomeration, and finally a rail/wallride session. When all was said and done, Shaun Murphy won $1200 for the guys, and Taylor Owen the same amount for women. Chelone Miller was awarded best trick for a massive backside rodeo over their entire Agro Crag.


Shaun Murphy, a total winner! Geery photo.

I am feeling a bit wiped out after so much epic-ness, so I will leave it at that and just post another batch of pictures. Enjoy.