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While we’ve all just been sitting around talking about whether snowboarding is dying or not, a committee of industry types was actually assembled to ensure it’s success. Now this think tank of brand owners, snowboarding pioneers, ex pros and other “been there, done that” types put their heads together and came up with a brilliant plan.

“Let’s tell everyone to bring a friend snowboarding.”

No seriously.  While this plan may not actually change a damn thing, we felt inspired. And it turns out our friend and life-long Portlander, Ben Hucke had never been snowboarding, despite living an hour from Mt. Hood. Now on his bike, Ben does stuff like this:


So I figured with snowboarding being totally easy, Ben would be a natural. What I forgot is what learning to snowboarding is actually like. Let’s just say it was probably more entertaining for me, than him. Ben was a good sport though and for his first day, I’d say he did pretty well.

As far as saving the snowboard industry, Ben wants to go again and may just buy a Spring pass. So that’s something.