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My most recent trip took me to the heartland of America. Well, wait, is Kansas in the heartland, or more like the pelvis? Whatever, it’s a weird-ass place, probably one the strangest I’ve ever gone to on purpose. I was there for a wakeboard event at a cable park on a dead end road. In between where we stayed and the park was miles of mid-scale chain restaurants and big box stores, so I guess it was pretty much like anywhere else in America. I like to really immerse myself in the culture of a place though, so I managed to eat at Applebees, Old Chicago, Ruby Tuesdays, Chipotle and Hooters. Well technically we didn’t eat so much at Hooters as begin what would become a hangover I won’t soon live down. But really the most notable part of my trip to Kansas was a strip club called the Double Wide. As the name implies, it was a double wide trailer, and that’s all you really need to know. Now here are a  couple random pictures from my trip Kansas so that you never have to go there yourself (although please note I spent my entire time at a wakeboard contest, so subject matter was somewhat limited.)

Kansas bugs

Kansas grass

If you wanna see more sweet wakeboard shots, check out the full gallery here.


Circa 2002

I hit the I-70 stretch on a road trip from Bellingham to Vermont for summer vacation. I recruited Orion to make it an epic skate mission, and then Malcolm signed on because he needed a ride to Boston. This was during my artsy black and white phase, so you’ll have to excuse these photos as they were scanned from a contact sheet as no one owns a film scanner anymore apparently.



We skated a couple parks in Kansas on the way across I-70. I honestly don’t remember the names, but I do remember bonding with a boy from Kansas years later over the fact that I had been to one of them.



On this trip we only did a quick tourist stop in St. Louis, but I actually spent the night in Kansas City years later. On that trip we ended up at Bucca di Beppo in downtown KC, which really could have been any city. But it wasn’t, it was in Missouri! Oh, I also was floored by the Columbia skatepark and can add Columbia to my list of college towns USA, which we skated on our 2002 odyssey.



I rerouted our drive several hundred miles to hit the Louisville skatepark, only to have it rain shortly after we got there. But I made it back years later when I was living in Chicago. We decided to drive there at 5 PM one night, got there at midnight, skated until 5 am, slept for a few hours and then skated again until we were almost dead. If I ever wanted to be a skate bum. Louisville would be on the top of my list.