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This weekend I completed what I believe to be my greatest cinematic work yet, a documentary of sorts on the Weena Man, Government Camp’s premier dodgeball player. The subject is Cory Grove of Cobra Dogs fame, and in one afternoon we filmed everything I need to make this gem. The results, he and I agree, are epic. Even the perpetually salty Jared Souney said it was my best work yet (even if he did follow it up with “usually your videos aren’t funny.”) So it went live on YoBeat this morning and I highly encourage you to check it out, but it brings up an issue I’ve been debating for awhile now.

We’ve recently gotten a video player on YoBeat and technically it’s supposed to be embeddable, but for whatever reason the viral part of it doesn’t work with WordPress. So a lot of times I will include a link to the video on our vimeo page as well so people can embed it from there if they so desire. But on this one not only did I not include the link, but I set our vimeo so that no one could embed it either. That way, if they want to see the video they have to come to YoBeat, right? (more…)