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Not bad for June snowboarding in Tahoe.

Creating a summer snowboarding set up without a glacier is an accomplishment, to say the least. So building a 22′ Superpipe, without a glacier, on a year that snow kinda forgot to fall is something that pretty much requires an entity like Woodward to make possible. Add in a private jet full of skate heavy hitters (like Tony Hawk!) and you have a grand opening celebration like the one that happened at Woodward Tahoe on June 9, 2012.

The latest edition to the Woodward family at Boreal is now open, and the general public (as well as pros, media and other highly important VIPs) got to check out the snow, skate and bouncing facilities. A mere 10 hour drive away, we decided to take a road trip, mostly because we heard Tony Hawk was gonna be there. Also, because flying with snowboard gear is pretty much the worst these days.

Air bag: check. The view from the top.

After a glorious night in Reno, we drove the final half hour up to Boreal and there it was: the deepest white ribbon of death I’ve ever seen. Though there was danger of toppling off the edge to the grass below, the set up was actually pretty decent, albeit a bit quick from top to bottom. In addition to the “top pros” like Chaz Guldemond and Zak Hale, a large contention of Tahoe shreds who opted against the summer in Hood to “make some money” this summer were out in force. Ironically, the best session probably went down in said Superpipe, where soul carving was more important than if you had a wrist band.

This is what happens when hipsters get in a halfpipe. Eric Messier.

When the lifts closed at 2 it was time for skate and cheerleading demos. Although we were SUPER EXCITED about the Cheerleading, we didn’t bother to take photos, so you’ll have to take our word for it. And as you’d expect when a private jet is involved, the skateboarding was insane. Inside the bunker, a concrete set up destroyed by dudes such as Brian Hansen, Jaws, Tom Scharr and Curran Caples. That was followed by a session at the mini ramp where Tony Hawk and Todd Richards showed they’ve still got it and Mike Vallely proved he’s really fucking good.

Mike V. Always more badass then you expect.

So there you have it: another option for summer snowboarding. Also, if you’re driving there from Portland, you can stop at Crater Lake. And that shit was awesome.

Now for lots of pictures by Jared Souney!

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Local celebrity Benji Galloway.

It has finally started snowing again in the Northwest so you may not have to resort to breaking out your skateboard, but if you actually enjoy skateboarding, you may just want to. Portland’s first indoor concrete skatepark, Commonwealth Skateboarding, opened it’s doors for business on February 26th.

As a snowboarder (read: mediocre skateboarder) the park is non threatening with only a few sections topping the 3 foot mark. In addition to the main bowl, there is a mini ramp and a street area with bank, box and flat bar. However, the actual skating at the grand opening celebration was not for the casual enthusiast, with some of Portland’s best skateboarders dodging and weaving to get a taste at the brand new park.

The park was the brainchild of, and also serves as the office for legendary shred journalist Jennifer Sherowski. Jen and her man candy Lance Normine, along with the park building skills of Billy Coulon, and hours of slave labor from various friends, birthed the park over the past month and a half. It is half concrete paradise, half gallery/office, and conveniently located on SE 20th and Hawthorne, which if you’re not familiar with Portland is, as they say, “close in.”

Some people enjoying photography and good ol’ conversation.

Commonwealth is now open seven days a week to the general public, with some special sessions designated on various nights. If you enjoy rolling on concrete, you will likely enjoy this park, so get down there and check it out.


Slave Labor Appreciation Day